10+ Most Common Tips to Identify Fake Profiles On Facebook

Identify Fake Profiles On Facebook

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:47 pm

Like many other social networks, there are so many fake profiles is registered with Facebook. Facebook has more than five hundred million users and it is natural to have few thousands fake profiles. If you are a Facebook user, then you should be alert and look out for the following red flags when you get a friend request from people with potentially fake profiles. Below I mentioned some tips to identify whether a profile is fake or not.


Identify Fake Profiles On Facebook

1: Inconsistent profile

Look the photos in the profile. If there is only one photo in the whole profile then it is clear that the account is fake.

2: Long friends list

Make a practice of viewing your friends list regularly, if you observe that maximum of your friends are of the opposite sex, so it can be assumed that the profile is fake.

3: Tag

Fake profile has tagged lots of tagging pictures and didn’t give any response of any photo. Many people use tag photos with their friends. This is another one of the tip for identifying a fake profile account.

4: Requests from Celebrities

If you receive a friend request from a star, politician or any well known personality, they must be fake approach for you, because if you’re a celebrity then why would their friend request you? So it is a fake profile.

5: Comments on Profile

You can easily judge the fake profile by giving natural comment. For instance,

Male : you are so Handsome
Female : No Reply About this comment

Male : Beautiful Makeup
Female : No Reply About this comment

Then you have to use your common sense about their profile and must be careful. Simply you remove those profiles fake from your list.

6: Advertising Nature

Internet marketers mostly use this tactic as a way to drive traffic to their websites. So you must be careful and you might find their timeline filled with statuses promoting products online.

7: Chatting

If you are trying to chat with your friend but he didn’t  give any reply. Might be your friend is busy but after  some time you are again trying to chat with him  and again he didn’t  respond  a single one word then it is confirmed that the profile is fake. It is recommended to remove those useless friends from your list.

8: Male Users

Normally girls don’t send requests to strangers. In case you get a friend request from any opposite gender then first you confirm the details then add the contact in your profile list. Might be it would be  fake profile. So don’t be happy , only be conscious.

9: Female Users

Some boys are usually in a habit of sending requests to females or girls. The same practice of female users that you should first confirm the account then add it to your list. There is another way to check whether the account is fake or not, that if you’re being normal looking girl and you got a friend request from a very handsome looking guy. Then there should be an element of doubt.

10: Add Feedback

It is your good practice to first verify any strange friend requests.  You may check it first before adding them. If any fake profile irritating you then you can report It to Facebook at given URL and fill the appropriate form: http://www.facebook.com/help/167722253287296/#How-do-I-report-a-fake-account?

Report About the Fake Account Profiles

As human attitude is unpredictable and the above mention tips might you find in real profiles. So its up to you how can tackle the situation.

Did you report any fake profiles? if yes then please share with us using comments area below.

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