10 Easy steps for Twitter Beginners

10 Easy steps for Twitter Beginners

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 06:05 pm

10 Easy steps for Twitter Beginners
10 Easy steps for Twitter Beginners

If you are planning to jump on the Twitter, and don’t know how to use that no problem just follow these 10 easy steps and you are expert of using Twitter.


Step #1: Shortened URL’s

Most common uses of Twitter are sharing links. But in Twitter you only have 140 characters
to work, so instead of sharing long URL, use one of URL shortening service to shrink the
link. For example, www.tinyurl.com.

Step #2: RT = retweet

If you want to copy and paste someone else’s tweet, just write “RT @name” in front of their
tweet and post it yourself.

Step #3: Direct Messaging

You can send 140 characters private message to another user; by using Twitter direct (DM)
messaging function. It is just a kind of abbreviated email. However, you can direct message
to Twitter user that following you.

Step #4: Use of @

If you want to give reply to someone on Twitter, then simply place @ sign in front of their Twitter
name. To replies your own tweets, click on @Replies from your profile page.

Step #5: Search Your Friends

You can find your friends, celebrities, organization and for searching any topic you’re interested
in, by typing search.twitter.com in browser.

Step #6: Adding Visibility

If you’re tweeting about a topic (Hurricane Sandy, etc) simply put a # sign in front of your
desired topic. For example, when Hurricane Sandy storm hits New York, #Sandy became a
popular tag and search term.

Step #7: Sharing Pictures

One of the most interesting parts of Twitter is sharing photos with the world, and some even
break news with them. For this use its service Twitpic.com, which easily upload the photos and
post them directly to Twitter.

Step #8: Tweet from Your Phone

Twitter allows you to update your status via text messages using mobile phones. First go to Settings
Devices tab enter your phone number. Now your mobile is able to send and receive
mobile tweets. If you want to disable this option then go back to the same panel and following
the instructions

Step #9: Pick a Good Client

You can receive tweets with desktop clients such as Twhirl.org, TwitterFox.net etc, in a much
more manageable fashion, especially if you follow a lot of people and use direct message a lot.
For example, allow you to create specific groups and split your feed into individual columns.

Step #10: Download a mobile Client

If you are using iPhone, BlackBerry or any other smart phone with 3G access, then you might
have better options using text messages. Mobile Twitter clients include Twidroid, TwitterBerry
and PocketTweets

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