10 Cheap & Best Budget Portable Hard Drives (May 2019)

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Last updated August 27th, 2019 at 11:49 pm

Documents and items residing on a computer can be important, which the owner would prefer to keep safe. Quite often, computers do not come with much space of their own, which does not allow the owners to save their essential materials on the machine. Hence, a good amount of space together with a backup facility serve as a great idea when it comes to computers and the data it holds.


People who are in dire need of such services have an option of a portable hard drive. Hard drives serve both the purposes mentioned above together with being portable, a quality that allows the device to be carried and taken anywhere when needed. The hard drive also makes it easy to carry essential documents rather than carrying the laptop when required to give a presentation or share an important file/document.

The market contains a lot of important hard drives that have great features. The list of hard drives has always been continuously updating as new and better drives are introduced in the market. As for 2019, some of the best portable hard drives that have made it to our list include:

Best Budget Portable Hard Drives of 2019

1. WD My Passport Ultra

One of the best devices for backup is WD My Passport Ultra. The device lets the owner choose their backup options as per their convenience. The owners can choose from a backup schedule or cloud storage. The device, when connected to a USB 3.0 port, allows the user to access and save files at high speeds. The device also comes with a password option in order to keep your material safe and secure. It works best when used with an Ultrabook and other notebooks.=> Buy Now


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2. LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt

The powerful device gives proof of its strength by being dust, shock, and water resistant. The exterior of the device is orange in color and comes with a cap that conceals the cable inside. It is fast with a speed of 387 MB/s. The device performs well in keeping the data safe from any kind of mishap that may come your way. Moreover, the price it is placed at is reasonable enough, permitting customers to consider the hard drive as a good option.=> Buy Now


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3. Seagate Expansion Portable Drive

The Seagate Expansion Portable Drive comes with a plug and play option for Windows and Mac machines. The hard drive contains a good amount of storage that allows the users to save a number of files. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and provides good value for its cost. The downside of the device includes its lack of backup and security options together with its short one-year warranty.=> Buy Now


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4. WD Elements Portable

The device provides its customers with an excellent transfer rate to transport files and materials from the hard drive to the laptop and vice versa. Containing a 2 TB capacity, the hard drive is sleek in its design and light in weight, making it an ideal option. The files for backup can be stored on the WD Element’s drive or cloud while availing its free backup facility. Hence, it allows its users to enhance the performance of their computer by transferring some of their valuable data to the hard disk while clearing their computer’s space and enjoying it at a blazing speed.=> Buy Now


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5. Elgato Thunderbolt Drive +

The Elgato Thunderbolt Drive + is an amazing device with an exceptional speed of 420 MB/s. The hard disk is capable of drawing power for the Thunderbolt or USB port in case the power supply is unavailable. This characteristic allows it to be portable enough to be used anywhere. The device ensures great performance together with maximum benefits.=> Buy Now


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6. Seagate Seven Portable Drive

The design of the Seagate Seven Portable Drive is quite appealing with a razor slim body and precise manufacturing. As good as it looks, the device performs even better with its fast speed and great performance. The hard drive comes with useful backup software but is priced very high, making potential customers think twice before making a purchase.=> Buy Now


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7. WD My Passport Slim

The reasonably-priced WD My Passport Slim is a hard drive that comes with fast speed and great performance. The excellent capacity that it holds comes enveloped in a sleek metal body. It offers its users WD SmartWare Pro automatic and cloud backup together with security options and a three-year warranty.=> Buy Now


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8. Toshiba Canvio Slim II

The hard drive performs useful functions while providing its users with high capacity storage. The backup function of the device comes with three options: backing up the items to the cloud, backing up items to the Canvio Slim II hard drive, or backing up all the material saved on the computer. The users can even avail all three options together.=> Buy Now


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9. Seagate Wireless Plus

The amazing Seagate Wireless Plus comes with a built-in Wi-Fi that allows its users to stream and download media to the device, which can be enjoyed later. The device comes with a battery life that lasts as long as 10 hours. The hard drive’s 1 TB storage space is enough to store tons of files and media. It also contains a digital library of its own, which adds to the advantages it provides.=> Buy Now


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10. WD My Passport Series

Starting from its design, the WD My Passport Series contains an appealing exterior. The device’s performance and speed are both commendable together with the excellent software it provides for backing up data, files and folders. The hard drive’s backup is good, but it does not permit the user to go for scheduled backup.=> Buy Now



All hard drives mentioned in the list are considered the best in terms of their functionality and design. These devices are for both routine and occasional use, which is why they come with different features. Some benefit daily users, while others are advantageous for the occasional users.

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