10 Cheap & Best Budget Android Smartwatches 2019


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Watches have remained a symbol of class, sophistication and charisma. It has been decades since men and women have been judging each other with the kind of watch they are wearing. This habit has gained more popularity than any trend should have. It is part of the human instinct.


10 Best Android Smartwatches of 2015 & 2016

Over the centuries, watch makers have thrived and earned the name of their brand. Alba, Gucci, Rado, Times, Fossil, I am sure you must be familiar with these names. They have been the star of everyone’s eyes for years and still are.

However, the era we live in is quite different. It’s a tech world. Although we want the same things and we have the same demands, we only want them bigger and better now.

The smartwatch is one such thing that has left us in awe. They are brilliant, beautiful, and elegant. They are tiny yet handy tech devices that do half the work of your smartphone. Now, you do not have to worry about carrying your smartphone everywhere with you; you simply wear them on your wrist and go wherever you like.

There are a lot of companies working on developing and improving the features of their smartwatch like Apple, Samsung and LG. Here we are going to talk about the ten best Android smartwatches of 2019.

10 Cheap & Best Budget Android Smartwatches of 2019

Smartwatche #1. Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony is one of my favorites when it comes to having a device with good battery life and maximum productivity. Sony’s third attempt at developing a smartwatch has definitely rocked the market with its 1.6-inch 320 x 320 pixel LCD and almost two days running battery life.

The smartwatch gives an elegant feel with both the rubber strap and stainless steel one. It even has a built-in GPS, which keeps track of your cycling, running and walking. It can even access gold applications for you. With its promising features, it’s a good Android smartwatch. It will display your message notifications so that you do not miss an important message. Music playback with the speaker is also there, so you no longer have to carry your smartphones for songs.



Smartwatche #2. LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Urbane has got more feminine looks; it looks more luxurious than sporty. It’s an incredible watch with great specifications. The strap is genuine leather and the frame is stainless steel; in either gold or silver, it will look amazing.

The P-OLED 1.3-inch display offers good result. The Urbane has a two-day battery life with the always-on screen function off. The combination of both its styling and updated operating system has made it appealing. With the collaboration of Android, you can turn it into a fitness watch. It has an optical heart sensor and is waterproof.



Smartwatche #3. LG G Watch R

The G Watch R is just another smartwatch by LG. It is an improved version of the G and has an optical heart rate sensor with a two-day battery life. It even offers better structural quality than its predecessor with its stainless steel frame and genuine leather strap. Its 1.3-inch P-OLED display gives sharp results. It will show all your notifications so that you won’t miss a thing. Having a built-in GPS is just the cherry on the top on this incredible package.



Smartwatche #4. Asus ZenWatch

The Asus ZenWatch stands out among its competitors for being a unisex watch. It can be worn on a pretty little hand and will also go perfectly well with a suit. The Asus ZenWatch is a low-priced smartwatch that is waterproof and has a two-day battery life. The 1.63-inch display also does a fine job.



Smartwatche #5. Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch is said to be the most anticipated smartwatch in the market. It’s still too early to predict what kind of a watch it would turn out to be. However, since the release date is near and the price is soon to be announced, an early verdict wouldn’t hurt anyone. Huawei is stylish and more reliable than its competitors. It has been reported that three designs are going to be released so far: an all-black affair, a silver version with a black leather strap, and a golden one with a brown leather strap. The 1.4-inch AMOLED display looks appealing behind a sapphire crystal glass.



Smartwatche #6. Motorola Moto 360

The Moto 360 is a cute and neat little gadget for the ones who love to personalize their stuff. Although it failed to outclass its competitors due to its slow performance, it is still a good option with its stylish looks and wireless charging. It feels like an actual watch rather than a tech device. The Moto 360 is simple yet elegant at the same time.



Smartwatche #7. Asus Zenwatch 2

The Asus ZenWatch 2 is another smartwatch that is behind the curtains and remains mysterious. Another anticipated smartwatch, the ZenWatch 2’s hardware specifications are still yet to be revealed. However, it has been announced that it will come in two sizes with different frame colors (silver, dark grey and rose gold) and a variety of strap choices (rubber, steel, leather and even Swarovski).



Smartwatche #8. Samsung Gear Live

The Samsung Gear Live is a low-budget full-featured smartwatch. The Gear Live and G Watch were launched together, but since the Samsung Gear is cheaper and a better version, it is more preferred. The Gear Live has a heart monitor and a sharp 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display, making it much better than the G Watch.



Smartwatche #9. LG G Watch

The LG G Watch is one of the oldest Android-based smartwatches. It is one of the firsts, so people still opt for it because it is simple and easy to use. It offers a user-friendly interface and is extremely good for beginners. This “no-nonsense” G Watch offers both amazing looks and great features.



Smartwatche #10. LG Watch Urbane LTE

The Urbane LTE is the first ever smartwatch with 4G capability, which means you do not even need a smartphone to receive your messages or calls. Its impressive walkie-talkie features allow you to communicate with other Urbane users. For people who love to try new gadgets and explore new things, the Urbane LTE is just the toy for them.



Which one is your favorite you try any android smartwatch ?

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