10 Best Android Apps and Games for Kids 2016/17


Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:05 am

The 21st-century kids are born in an era of technology and innovation. They have been experiencing technology since the day they were born, so these children are equipped with more knowledge when it comes to using the electronic devices around them. It is relevant to add that these children require no time in understanding the basics of these devices as their mental capabilities are, by default, adjusted to the environment they have been living in since forever.


10 Best Android Apps and Games for Kids 2016/17

Android, targeting all other subdivisions of the market, has got something interesting for kids as well. Children can spend their time using Android devices to play their favorite game or to use their favorite app.

Android games and apps not only provide enjoyment to kids belonging to a variety of age groups, but they also improve children’s power of reflecting and observing things, allowing them to have a great learning experience. Some of the best Android apps and games launched in 2015 include the following.

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a game that kids love the most. The graphics used in the game serve as the perfect attraction for young children. The game consists of a number of levels with each success leading to a tougher level. Angry Birds is one of a kind, being both unique and interesting for children.


2. Candy Crush Series

The Candy Crush Series contains the power of getting young children addicted to it in no time. The game is absolutely amazing with simple and easily understandable instructions, which proves to be ideal for kids. All that the players need to do is match candies while following certain instructions that change with the levels. Candy Crush, like Angry Birds, consists of graphics, music, and other such stuff that proves to be effective in drawing kids towards it.


3. Cut the Rope Series

The simple yet addicting Cut the Rope series is another wonderful game that kids love. The game requires kids to feed the monster candy by cutting ropes that would help them reach the location of the candy. The game is as much of an attraction for adults as for kids. Although Cut the Rope does not consist of many levels, the levels it has tend to grow trickier while approaching the end.


4. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a fairly popular game with its easy to follow instructions and great graphics that can make children go crazy after it. The game is all about helping the monster jump from one cloud to the other. Scores are given on the basis of how far the player is able to take the monster. The game is free of cost and can be enjoyed by both youngsters and adults.


5. Dipdap

Dipdap is a creative app that helps foster innovative minds. It is a great combo of a game combined with a skill, which is of drawing. The game allows kids to draw stuff in order to help Dipdap complete its adventure trail. Children are required to use their imagination as they come up with interesting things that could help the character complete its journey.


6. Endless Alphabets

Visual aids prove to be the best part of the learning process and when given the form of a game, nothing can be more appealing and valuable. Endless Alphabets is a letter game that allows young children to form a word with the help of scattered alphabets. Once the word is correctly put in its place, it transforms itself into a cartoon, demonstrating the meaning of the word. The game is perfect for little beginners but may prove to be boring for older kids.


7. Explorium: Ocean for Kids

Letting the kids know about life on Earth is as important as teaching them alphabets and mathematics. This helps them enhance their general knowledge while they get to know something amazing about the world. The Explorium is an exciting game that takes kids on an ocean journey where they explore the sea life together with learning some valuable marine facts. The game can also be played with a guardian or parent so as to make them a part of their child’s learning.


8. Pou

The cute little Pou pet is all kids need to look after in this game. The game induces in them the feeling of care, love and affection as they take care of their alien pet in the game by feeding, dressing, and playing with it. The game can be related to the 1990’s Tamagotchi digital pet games but is by no means a copied version.


9. Slice Fractions

Kids are often seen running from math, especially when they are required to do fractions. The task proves to be difficult for some of the kids as they do not find a practical implementation of math when they are taught the subject in class. The Slice Fraction game comes as a real help in this regard. The game requires kids to perform tasks and solve fraction-related puzzles in order to proceed to the next level. It is made up of a total of 90 puzzles, each containing a different method of solution.


10. Temple Run

A great running game when it comes to spending your leisure time is the very popular Temple Run. The game consists of a character, representing the player, which is to be protected from an evil character by using the controls. While running, the character is required to collect coins in order to gain additional points.

Dipdap Temple-Run-apps-for-Kids


All these games and many others launched on the Android platform prove to be helpful for kids to improve their knowledge and skills. They also provide them with something productive to do in their leisure time. Thus, with these games, children will not have to waste their free time doing unproductive things. Instead, they can play these games and learn a thing or two.

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