10 Best Affordable Tablets for Kids 2015 & 2016

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Tablets are popular among parents and they are buying it for their kids too. Some parents use tablets to educate their kids. However, a majority of them use it as a substitute to babysitters. Parents can give a standard tablet to their children that are specially designed for them. Kids’ tablets that are available in the market come with enough processing power to run apps designed for kids.


10 Best Affordable Tablets for Kids 2015 & 2016

Tablets can be used for teaching basic skills. They can be used as a tool to communicate with the parents in case of emergency.

Parents should not pay too much attention to the tablet’s specifications. They must consider long battery life and screen size when they decide to buy a tablet for their children. Here is a list of the top-selling kids’ tablets in the market.

10 Best Affordable Tablets for Kids 2015 & 2016

1. VTech InnoTab 3S

VTech InnoTab 3S is a good tablet for kids. It has a 360 MHz ARMv11 processor that gives enough processing power to run applications. The tablet’s 5-inch, 480 x 272 pixel touchscreen provides bright and colorful images. It also features two rotating cameras.

The tablet has been designed for children. That’s why the maker has used a rugged plastic casing. It runs on AA batteries. It has buttons for power, navigation, and volume. It has a pad for games. Kids can use fingers to use the tablet. However, some consumers have complained that it does not work smoothly. They recommend using the stylus.

It also comes with a neat feature called ‘Kid Connect,’ which allows a child to send and receive text messages. It has 4 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded to 32 GB.


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2. Apple iPad mini

The Apple iPad mini is another tablet that parents can give to their kids. It has 1024 x 768 pixel resolution and offers high pixel density. That’s why it offers vibrant colors and good view angles. It comes with good quality cameras. The rear camera can even capture sharp pictures in poor lighting.

The Apple iPad mini comes with Siri – Apple’s voice assistant. Kids can use it to execute commands and apps. Parents will be happy to know that the iPad mini can run all apps made for the iPad.


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3. VTech InnoTab Max

The VTech InnoTab Max has been designed for children aged 3-6. It comes with good apps and creative games. Parents and kids will love its messaging feature.

It comes with built-in “child-safe” Wi-Fi, video camera, and player. It also has a kid-safe web feature. This particular feature provides peace to parents who are worried about their children’s activity. The tablet also comes with an e-reader with Story Dictionary. Parents can use these tools to help their kids learn to read.

The maker of the tablet has provided a number of educational and creative apps. Parents can also add movies and songs. VTech offers more than 650 titles. Parents can also buy or download 200 educator-endorsed Android games.


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4. Tesco Hudl

It is an affordable tablet with useful features. It has a 7-inch sharp screen and a processor that offers good performance. It features physical buttons for power and volume. Parents will love the design and its plastic casing. The 1.5 GHz quad-core A9 processor provides enough juice for running most apps. It has 16 GB of storage and comes with a good battery.


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5. LeapPad3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi

The Leapfrog LeapPad tablets are in demand. Christmas sales indicate that parents prefer the LeapPad3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi for their kids in the 3-9 age group. The LeapPad3 has a 5-inch screen and the Ultra XDi is a 7-inch tablet. The LeapPad3 is recommended for smaller children because their little hands can handle it easily. A good range of educational apps and games are available, while parents can easily teach writing, reading and math to their children using this tablet.


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6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

It is an excellent Android tablet. This 7-inch tablet is recommended for its child-friendly interface. The screen offers bright and vibrant colors.


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7. Leapfrog LeapPad Platinum

The LeapPad Platinum comes with useful features. It has been designed for kids aged 3-9. It comes in a robust casing that can withstand shock and drop. It has a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

Front and rear cameras are good. It has a headphone socket and Wi-Fi. It comes with a kid-safe web browser and has a good battery life. It is pre-loaded with a good number of apps and parents can buy more from the Leapfrog App store, which has more than 800 apps. Some applications are expensive, but they are useful for kids.


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8. Amazon Fire HD 6

The Amazon Fire HD 6 is an impressive tablet for children above 12 years of age. It comes with a proper web browser, email, and Skype. Its 1280 x 800 pixel screen is good for children. It has a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor that launches apps quickly and gives fluid graphics. The bad thing about this tablet is that its internal storage cannot be expanded.

Parents can create four password-protected child profiles and apply restrictions to each one. Kids can use the internet and access their Outlook and Gmail accounts. It is available in two models with 8 GB or 16 GB storage. Amazon also gives owners unlimited cloud storage.


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9. Amazon Fire HD 7

Amazon Fire HD 7 features a 7-inch HD display. It is powered by a quad-core processor that run apps smoothly and the graphics are extraordinary. Like the Fire HD 6, the HD 7 is available in two models: the 8 GB one and the 16 GB one. It is available in five colors.


10. Tesco Hudl 2

Tesco Hudl 2 is faster than its predecessor because it has an Intel Atom quad-core processor that clocks at 1.83 GHz. It offers an impressive Full HD (1920 x 1200) screen. The display is impressive and bright, and it offers good viewing angles.

Hudl 2 comes with 16 GB of internal storage. It feature dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, and a microHDMI port and is powered by Android 4.4 KitKat. The good thing is that Tesco has not made many changes. It is available in blue, red, orange, white, pink, purple, turquoise and black robust plastic casing. The system is easy to use but not flawless.


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