10 Best Laptop Bags 2020 UK you will Buy

Laptops are computers that are handy and convenient to use at the same time. These mini-computers can be carried anywhere with ease because of their lightweight and small size. However, the only disadvantage of laptops is their cost.

It is not only the money a person has to pay to acquire the device that poses a problem, but also the consequences that come with the expense. Due to the laptops being expensive, it becomes a risky task to carry them in hand. There’s always the danger of theft that keeps individuals from benefiting from the advantages they provide.

To address this problem, engineers and designers planned to manufacture laptop bags in order to keep laptops safe and secure. The bags are designed to serve two basic purposes: providing safety and enhancing style. The bags are designed in different manners, each with a speciality of their own while providing the customer with features that ensure the safety of their laptop. Some of the best laptop bags of 2020 are:

Best Budget Laptop Bags 2020 UK

1. Kenneth Cole Laptop Bag 2020 UK

With its 17-inch large size, carved with Italian calfskin leather, the laptop bag is both attractive and stylish in appearance. The bag, though simple, has a huge amount of space to store your laptop. The main cargo portion is divided by a separator that not only allows the laptop to be placed in it, but also has enough storage capacity for other useful items. The bag’s flap also contains some guest pockets that are fastened by buttons. The bag comes with a leather strap that can be removed if needed.

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2. Designer Sleeves Laptop Bag 2020 UK

Influenced by Vincent van Gogh’s painting “The Starry Night”, the bag contains horizontal patterns of various colors, giving the bag an appealing look. Moreover, the Designer Sleeves also comes with customized bags that are made as per the demands of the customers. These bags may contain images of the customer on the front together with other fantastic features suggested by the client. The bags are made from thick neoprene and provide a wide storage space.

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3. JanSport Laptop Bag 2020 UK

A lightweight bag with the capacity to store the biggest electronic items, JanSport comes with enough space for everything. The inner of the bag is tough, while its outer is stylish and attractive. The precisely designed laptop bag contains numerous external pockets for storing little things such as keys or USB. The inside of the bag has ample space for the laptop together with a small area secured with a loop and hook to store other items such as chargers and other electronics.

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4. McKlein USA Laptop Bag 2020 UK

With a touch of elegance and professionalism, the full leather bag is best for office use. The bag has additional security with a three-digit lock system, which ensures the safety of laptop and other materials kept in the bag. The bag appears to be bigger as well as heavier. It also comes with an attachable strap that allows the bag to be hung on your shoulder. The laptop bag contains a vast space together with a number of compartments for storing stuff. The bag is placed at a quite reasonable price and is used by people of all ages.

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5. Mobile Edge Laptop Bag 2020 UK

Together with being fully functional, the bag is eco-friendly according to the process with which it is manufactured. Similar to traditional bags, it contains fasteners on its front that keeps the bag flap closed. The laptop bag also comes with an extra layer of padding, which saves the laptop or any other electronic device from all sorts of damages. Mobile Edge has numerous pockets for item storage together with a removable strap.

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6. Pelican Laptop Bag 2020 UK

Bags usually come with a few layers of padding to avoid situations in which the devices inside the bag can be damaged. However, the Pelican laptop bag comes with a strong protective inside that prevents the laptop from significant damages. The bag is, in fact, crushproof and waterproof. It also comes with a three-digit combination lock for additional security purposes. The amazing bag contains a removable strap for use when needed.

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7. Samsonite Laptop Bag 2020 UK

The brand is already famous for its traveling suitcases, which is why it is considered the most reliable. The bag contains wheels and a handle so that the weight of the bag is not put on the shoulders of the customer. The inner area of the bag has four huge compartments to store things. The bag also contains the feature of removing the handle to carry it as a briefcase.

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8. Swiss Gear Laptop Bag 2020 UK

Another laptop bag for people who travel, Swiss Gear is among the best choices they could have. The very first benefit of the laptop bag is its convenience. The user does not have to go deep into the bag to look for their devices; you just have to unzip the bag to reach the laptop. The problems associated with backpacks include their negative effects on a person’s back, causing it to ache. With its extra padding, the Swiss Gear has been successful in minimizing the problem.

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9. Thule Laptop Bag 2020 UK

The Thule bag has been made to ensure resistance against harsh weather conditions. It comes with compressible foam padding, which is good at absorbing shocks and keeping the laptop safe for long. It also allows the MacBook to be used without removing its cause. Thule also comes with a removable strap

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10. Timbuk 2 Laptop Bag 2020 UK

Briefcases provide less space to consumers than messenger bags. Hence, there has been an increasing trend of messenger bags in the recent years. The laptop bags are TSA-friendly, so customers don’t have to unload their bags at the airport. You can carry it with you on the flight and have your laptop readily accessible so that you can use it whenever you want to during your flight. The laptop bag contains a separate department for the device to avoid scratches on its screen. The bag comes with a number of zippers and compartments for storing things.

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