Weird New Year Traditions Around the World


When it comes to New Year, different countries have got their own traditions to celebrate this occasion. It is a universal phenomenon that with borders between countries, not only their geographies are defined but their cultures are also defined with this simple distinction as well. Today, I will tell you about some of countries where some weird and out-of-ordinary New Year celebrations are observed. I’m sure that you are going to love this blog post because most of the traditions are really weird yet amazing at the same time.

Weird New Year Traditions Around the World

Weird New Year Traditions Around the World


1. Wear Colorful Underwear – Mexico, Brazil and Bolivia

Seriously! – I cannot believe the people of Brazil, Mexico and Bolivia because who in the world would wear colorful Underwear to celebrate New Year. Of course, everyone feels happy at the beginning of a new year and we all want to celebrate it in a unique and different way too. Still, wearing colorful underwear and nothing else doesn’t make sense to me. Many people believe that if you are not wearing colorful underwear on New Year’s Eve, you are not welcoming the New Year with open heart.

Wear Colorful Underwear – Mexico, Brazil and Bolivia

2. Midnight Kiss Brings Love or Makes Love Life Smooth – America

O My God, this is the most romantic thing that you can do on New Year’s Eve, right? I didn’t know about this tradition but I just came to know about it this year. To tell you a secret, I gave it a try too and boy, it feels awesome. There is no other feeling in the world that can compare with this. This is an old tradition though and people believe that by kissing your lover at mid night will bring good luck to both of you and it will also increase your love for each other.

Midnight Kiss Brings Love or Makes Love Life Smooth – America

3. New Year Celebrations At The Cemetery – Chile

While all the people in the world are going to places where they can party and spend good time with their friends to make their New Year’s Eve memorable, there is a small town in Chile, where people celebrate this occasion in a different and really weird way. Why would anyone go to the cemetery on New Year’s Eve? The People of Talca (a small town in Chile) have been celebrating the New Year this way since last 15 years because they want to share the happiness and joy with their dead relatives. They play light classical music and even dance around the fire that they burn in the cemetery to spend the night.

New Year Celebrations At The Cemetery – Chile

4. Burning Scarecrow Dummy – Ecuador

In many parts of the world, burning the scarecrow is considered as a good practice because it is supposed to bring good luck for the people. In Ecuador, people celebrate their New Year in a different and unique way by burning the dummy of scarecrow. They believe that in this way, they will burn away the bad memories of last year and New Year will come with all good things and good luck for them.

Burning Scarecrow Dummy – Ecuador

I know people are really weird in this world? What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen in your life?