Top 10 Best Upcoming Android Tablets 2015

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Here we are sharing top 10 upcoming android tablets 2015. If you are getting fed up of using mobile phone or smartphone then you should buy “android tablet“. Well, these days android tablets are very popular and demanding among young generation. Because of increasing popularity, many companies like Sony, Samsung etc introduce android tables frequently. Each year, so many designs of android tablets are coming in the market. Now the question is that what about 2014? Which android tablets will be coming in 2015?


Top 10 Upcoming Android Tablets 2015

In this post we are sharing the list of top 10 upcoming android tablets 2015. The list is given below.

Android Tablet # 1 : Sony Xperia Tablet Z2

Android Tablet #2 : Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10+

Android Tablet # 3 : Huawei Media Pad X1

Android Tablet # 4 : Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2

Android Tablet # 5 : Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4, 10.1 and 12.2

Android Tablet # 6 : Nexus 7

Android Tablet # 7 : Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Android Tablet # 8 : LG G Pad

Android Tablet # 9 : Kindle Fire HDX

Android Tablet # 10 : Sony Xperia Tablet Z

On the whole after sharing the latest list of top 10 upcoming android tablets 2015 it is easy to conclude that if you want to buy latest android tablet then have a look at the above mentioned list.


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