Top 10 Best Universities in UK 2015

Universities in UK

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Studying abroad is one unique and a really exciting experience. UK is all flooded with history, and the time spent on capital will definitely show this in its whole glory. U.K. Universities are renowned and are regarded as one of the finest in the world. As undergraduate student who is studying abroad in UK, one would be able to have an experience of the whole lot without even travelling far. The hospitality awarded by the country extends to large areas including housing, transport, Fooding, accommodation and other requisites. For a student, determined to pursue his studies along with enjoying the stay there, his or her stay in U.K. Would be both an inspiring and enriching experience. So, if you are planning to go to UK for higher studies, you must be well aware of the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom 2015.


Universities in UK

Universities to look out for

Top 10 Best Universities in UK 2015

University # 1 : Oxford University

Situated in Oxford, England, the oldest university in the English speaking world and considered as one of the leading universities in the world.

Oxford University London

University # 2 : Cambridge University

Cambridge is the second oldest university in the UK after Oxford. A public research university, it has got an impressing list of alumni that includes Francis Bacon and Issac Newton and is even famous for Nobel prizes won over the years.

Cambridge University London

University # 3 : Imperial College – Universities in UK 2015

Currently ranked 7th in the world, Imperial College is situated in London, UK, it is a science based university basically and is known for excellence in its research and teaching. It is also the largest medical school of Europe.

Imperial College London

University # 4 : London School of Economics

It specializes in social science. It is uniquely distinguished in its concentration on teaching and research across the full range of social, political and economic sciences.

London School of Economics

University # 5 : Warwick University

A public research university and was founded in the year 1965 as a part of the government initiative to expand the access to higher education and its medical school opened in the year 2000.

Warwick University Uk

University # 6 : University College London

It was the first university of London, established in the year 1826.  Being the first secular institute to be founded in UK, University College London is a symbol for ideas which are bold, amicable and radical to the needs of the world.

University College London

University # 7 : York University

Established in the year 1963, it is located in the city of York in England. Even though its new compared to other institutes, it has made a place among the top institutes in the country.

York University London

University # 8 : Durham University

It seeks towards achieving highest distinction in the scholarship and also research aiming to make a real difference to the mankind. They are very much equally committed towards excellence in education and also transmission of knowledge.

Durham University Uk

University # 9 : Lough borough University

Lough borough is a leading university of the country, with an international reputation for excellence in its teaching and research, strong links with industry, and achievement that can’t be rivaled in sports and the underpinning academic departments.

Loughborough University Uk

University # 10 : University of St Andrews – Universities in UK 2015

It is the first university which belong to Scotland. Founded in the year 1413, it is one of the leading University in UK and has established its name as a center of excellence for teaching and research.

University of St Andrews

These universities do not only impart great education but also help its students in shaping their career. If one is looking forward to quality education and great career then Universities in UK can just prove to be the right choice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.