Top 5 Popular Sports in America – A Review

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Sports play an important role to maintain its pride among all the Nations. Sports are an important part of the culture of any country; if we talk about America then do you know how many popular sports does America have?

I believe it is very important to have knowledge about the history of sports in America, the famous players that made these sports popular and the impact of sports in our society. We will discuss all these points in this review. Let’s get started!

top 5 popular sports in America- Review
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top 5 popular sports in America- Review


1: American Football

In America Football is basically used for American Football. It’s being played in America since 1869. American football League (NFL) is the most popular and traditional league in the country. The NFL is specifically famous in Texas, Florida and California. There are many famous players like Colts Johnny Unitas or Johnny ‘U’, the greatest running back player of Chicago Bears is Walter Payton and many more.

2: Baseball

Baseball also known as the National past time of America, Baseball is the most popular sport in the country. This sport is derived from the English game Cricket. There are two competition levels normally;

  • Minor League Baseball
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)

This sport is not only watched in the US but also around the world over. Ted William, one of the greatest players who hit more than 500 homes runs in 1941 and one of the legends in the history of baseball.

3: Basket Ball

Basketball is a game that millions of people play worldwide today. It is nearly comes after baseball in America the most closely followed game in the United States is Basketball. Michael Jordan is probably one of the most recognized players in Basketball.

4: Hockey


Similar to the above sports NHL (National Hockey League) is also famous all around the world including Russia. American people love to play hockey as it is not their based sport, although it’s become a popular sport for teenager and adults. Wayne Gretzkey is one of the legends of hockey sport to ever play in the history of NHA.

5: Golf

Golf is the most popular sport. It comes from Scotland and played all around the world. Tiger Wood, the most famous golf player in America and in the world. His phenomenal talent has inspired many African American’s to come to playing a sport.

If you’re the player of any above mention sports or win any title, then do share your experience with us through the comments section below this post.


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