Top 5 Excuses for Being Late to Work

Late To Work? Have A Perfect Excuse

Last updated February 27th, 2015 at 11:40 pm

We are humans and we make mistakes. We make commitments and forget to stick to them, we make promises and seldom keep them, we agree to do something but when the time comes, either we have lost our interest or we completely forget about it. Having a discipline in your life is very important, but again, if we get disciplined, will we remain humans? Of course, not because making mistakes, missing deadlines and not being able to keep a promise are certain things that quality us as humans. Now, you must be wondering that why all of a sudden, I have started giving this long speech to you? Well, I never intended to give a speech but I was actually thinking about some of the excuses that you can make when you show up late to the work. Go ahead; take a look at below perfect Top 5 Excuses for Being Late to Work that I have crafted for you guys.


Top 5 Excuses for Being Late to Work

Top 5 Excuses for Being Late to Work

1.  A Family Emergency

Believe me; you can never go wrong with that excuse. You can be honest and tell the true reason for showing up late at work but that will drag you in an argument with your boss which is not good at all. However, if you simply tell him that there was some family emergency like you had to take your nanny to the hospital or your wife wasn’t feeling well then, not only you will be able to avoid the argument but they will show you sympathy as well.

A Family Emergency

2. Alarm Clock Broke Down

I know that this is really a lame excuse to come up with but you can make it work at times. I’m quite positive that you are not the kind of person who is always late to the work because in that case, no excuse will ever work for you and you may even end up losing your job. However, if by any chance a regular employ like you has turned up at work late then the alarm-clock-ditched-me story can work in your favor for sure.

Alarm Clock Broke Down

3. There Was Hell of a Traffic Jam On the Way

We all know how the traffic is in big cities especially at rush hours. The time when you leave for your office, the entire city is also leaving for work too. It is quite natural for anyone to get stuck in a bad traffic jam. However, don’t make it a habit because if there is always a traffic jam at your end, you can try leaving a little early for the office.

There Was Hell of a Traffic Jam On the Way

4. I Went To Bed Late

This really looks like an unprofessional approach to address this issue but if you are not really able to come up with an excuse then this idea can always work for you. Again, this excuse, like all other excuses, will only be helpful for you if you use it once in a couple of months. Of course, you need the job more than sleep.

I Went To Bed Late

I’m sure that many of you also go through same situation. What kind of excuse do you usually make to get rid of the issue? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.