Top 5 Best Logo Design Companies

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Every new company, brand or an agency in the beginning, is in the sore need of establishing an identity of their own. It needs a symbol, a name, a tagline that people and customers can recognize and can associate with. People react to pictures and visually appealing graphics more than they would an ordinary name which is just a text. For this reason, a company’s logo is a vital thing becomes it associates most intimately with its identity. A logo speaks of many things and in this era of high sophistication, designing a logo is a matter of serious consideration and professionalism. That is why logo designing and graphic designing agencies are very valued nowadays.


Top 5 Best Logo Design Companies

Among the different range of logo and graphic designing agencies, there are some that are simply better than the rest. Below, we enlist the top five companies that we believe to be the best at this right owing to certain reasons.


The first on our list is the graphic agency designing agency known as GoMedia. It is a company that has seen a meteoric rise from the humblest of starts. It began with just a group of people working in their homes with a computer or two and soon expanded into one of the best graphic designing companies in the world. It has a style and signature very specific and charming. The agency is full of really talented graphic designers who follow their obsession for graphic designing to innovate and come up with the best results possible for a particular client.

Forty Seven Media

Second comes the agency known as Forty Seven Media. This agency is phenomenal in the way it has followed its obsession to be successful in the market. It was kick started with a very scant number of clients at its disposal but the dedication of the logo and graphic designers that the agency had carried it to its zenith. The company is all about style and have a personal touch of their own. This style touches upon and influences every work that they come up with for a particular customer.

Studio 7 Design

Studio 7 Design is a pretty specialized logo and graphic design company. It creates logos and layouts for companies with a special eye for those who are environmentally or socially conscious. The agency specializes to the utmost degree and the level of sophistication that they employ in their designing is reflected not only in their logos but also in their web pages and websites.

400 is a special company, simply because it creates a sort of fusion of art with sophisticated design to come up with logos that are surprisingly charming in their appearance. The profile of the company might seem small at first, but one must remember that it takes a considerable amount of time to develop something. The quality of their work and their client base does not indicate that they have a small profile.


Brownjohn is another one of the apparently small scale logo designing and graphic designing companies that does a great job and creates charmingly simple designs for different agencies and companies worldwide.

Do you any good logo designing company? Let us know we will be happy to write reviews on them.


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