Top 10 Youtube Alternatives 2015

Youtube Alternatives

Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing and streaming website, where you can download, upload and watch any kind of videos you want to known about. As youtube is the world’s biggest video sharing website then So, it is also very controversial among different areas. In the Recent days youtube was banned in different countries of the for publishing “offensive” content which hurts that nations. So people of that countries can not use youtube with their local internet connections. youtube is not the only best video sharing website there are many other websites which can be used as alternatives to youtube and below we have a list of Top 10 Youtube Alternatives To watch videos online.

Top 10 Youtube Alternatives 2015

Top 10 Youtube Alternatives


10: AOL On

AOL is a well known for music network and AOL on is the video sharing website by AOL. It also have Android and iOS apps for smartphone users to watch videos direct from there phones. You can find videos related to News, sports, entertainment and for all other categories.

Aol Videos


 Blinkx is another good to now video sharing website, where you can watch videos and you can upload your own videos too. Yo can find any type of videos on, there are categories, like news, entertainment, sports, fun and many more.


8: can also be used as the alternative to Youtube. You can upload your own videos and can watch existing videos related to comics, comedy, drama, home and family and other categories are there.

7: – Youtube Alternatives is another well known video sharing website, which is specially popular for funny kind of videos. But you can also find other videos there and can also upload your own videos, it also have its app for iPhone, Android and windows phone.


6: is another best video sharing website you can use as alternative to Youtube. Here also you can upload your own videos to get worldwide exposure. You can watch, funny, entertainment, sports and other videos in this website.

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5: College Humor

College humor is a well known video sharing website specially it contain most “English songs” in it. Here also you can upload videos, but this website also contain pictures So, you can also see and download pictures of different kinds.

College Humor

4: Movie Web

Movie web as shown by its name this is a website which contain “movies” to show to all of the world. If you want to watch latest Hollywood movies then this website can help you  a lot.

Movie web

3: is another well known website for watching videos online, you can watch latest movie trailers, videos, sports videos,, news headlines and much more on


2: Daily

Dailymotion is also down in some countries but this website can be a good alternative for Youtube users to watch videos online. Here too users can upload videos of their own.


1: – Youtube Alternatives is the best alternative for Youtube in this list, you can upload and watch videos of any kind on You can also log in to through your Facebook profile.


So, this is the list of Top 10 Youtube Alternatives to watch any kind of Videos online, this list will help help you a lot if Youtube is banned in your country, but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.