Going to buy a TV? Guide you Top 10 Smart TVs of 2015/16


can perform functions similar to the human intellect. The artificial intelligence that some of the devices possess is beyond imagination. This level of smartness can be seen in many scientific devices, mobile phones, laptops, and televisions.



Best Smart TVs of 2015

The smart televisions in the market possess mind-blowing features. These televisions can be connected to laptops, while some of them have a web browser of their own. Some of the TVs are popularly known for providing their viewers access to apps such as YouTube and Netflix. The performance and graphics of these televisions are excellent as they serve as the best entertainment medium for their viewers. The following list contains the 10 best smart TV 2015.

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1. LG 79UB9800

With a 79-inch 3D smart screen, the LG 79UB9800 is a proof of televisions getting smart. Its sleek screen paired up with ultra-high definition makes 4K even better. The smart TV offers WebOS and a magic remote which helps viewers navigate in the web browser and menus. The remote also comes with voice features, an advancement to its older version. Some other characteristics of the TV include:

  • Sharing content between your TV and a compatible mobile device
  • Conversion to 3D
  • 3D glasses that are cost-effective and free of battery hassles
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Virtual surround sound
  • Dual play


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2. Samsung 65-Inch UN65HU8550

Samsung UN65HU8550 is possibly one of the best 4K UHD TVs one could find. Talking about its design, it can be closely related to the Samsung H7150. The TV stands on a flat plane and fits comfortably even on a small table. The contrast ratio of the smart TV is perfect with deep blacks and rare bright patches at the edges.

The TV is undoubtedly the best smart TV 2015 for playing games and watching movies with its shiny surface and less reflection. With a useful remote, the TV is best in terms of performance and the features provided.


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3. Sony X930C

The massive Sony X930C is huge with speakers on either side of the television. The contrast feature and black uniformity offered in the TV is outstanding. The TV comes with the quality of 3D pictures, which makes it sound even more exciting. It can easily upscale lower quality content to make it appear better. Its shiny surface gives the image on the TV an excellent look, though the game mode of the television is just satisfactory. The TV comes with two different kinds of remotes, the basic remote and the touch remote.


4. Vizio E Series

This brand comes with an exceptional picture quality, but it loses this feature when viewed from the side. However, the design of the television together with its other features offsets its downside. With a thin bezel, the TV has nice stands as well, which require quite a big space to adjust.

Regarded as the best smart TV 2015 for movies, the E Series is something that will suit your budget quite well. It has a great contrast with nice colors. Though there is no vast range of colors offered, the experience it provides is worth trying.


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5. Samsung 4K UHD JU7100

The TV has ended up on this list due to its performance and experience. One of the best TVs for gaming, it is famous for its minimum motion blur and great picture quality in both dark and bright rooms. The bezel of the TV is exceptionally thin, though the sides of the television are a bit thick. The colors are great with easy calibration.

The minimal blur feature provides exceptional support to the gaming mode as games appear clear and crisp. The TV does not reflect a lot of light, which is an addition to its positives.


6. LG UF7600

The 4K LED TV has some excellent features that a smart TV can possess. With average looks and shiny finish, the TV is equipped with local dimming. Upscaled content appears to be quite good when viewed on this LG model.

This particular model of LG, although great with respect to its features, reflects a lot of light together with a rainbow glare while reflecting. Its WebOS is great in terms of usage and navigation. The mouse cursor on the TV can be easily controlled via its remote.


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7. Vizio M Series

The Vizio M Series is a good 4K TV that is sure to suit your budget. The television is even said to be better than Vizio’s latest P series model. The contrast ratio and black uniformity of the television are beyond par and hence, the best. The brightness offered in the TV is enough, allowing it to be viewed in any room, even with poor lighting conditions.


8. Sony X850C

The television offers good picture quality together with a beautiful look. The TV’s contrast is great, while its black uniformity is exceptional. The 3D feature of the TV is also good but has a little crosstalk, which is its downside. Sony X850C’s upscaling and motion blur are great as well, taking it to further heights. Its semi-gloss finish avoids the reflection of light through the television screen.


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9. Samsung J6200

The positives of the smart TV are its minimum motion blur and great black uniformity. Viewers are expected to encounter no major flash lighting or clouding. The TV is good when it comes to handling reflection from the screen, but its brightness feature is limited.


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10. Samsung JS9000

The JS9000 comes with good picture quality and great gaming experience. The curved screen of the TV serves as a good visual experience for the viewer. It is good for movies with an excellent contrast ratio. Its 3D feature is great too and the TV handles reflections quite well. There are a lot of apps available on the smart TV, which the viewers can use as per their choice.



These smart TVs have successfully changed our lives by indulging us in their beauty and performance. Though not widely used due to its price, these TVs will sure be ruling the market in the near future.

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