Top 10 Places to Visit in Maryland

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Maryland state is located  in the Mid Atlantic region, USA which is surrounded by different states namely Colombia’s district, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware.  It is also named as Old line state, Free State and Chesapeake Bay State. It is one of the most popular states of the USA which is really a beautiful and amazing state consisting of many places to visit. Some of them are mentioned in list of Top 10 Places to Visit in Maryland below:

Top 10 Places to Visit in Maryland

Baltimore Inner Harbor

It’s an attractive place which pulls the people and visitors towards it; the inner harbor has many places for almost all people such as a group of hotels, Harbor place, and National Aquarium and Maryland Science center. The inner harbor was the place where the sailors lived it was not like that as it is today it was just like a dream when the project was started in 1960’s and in the 1980’s it was like a dream come true.


Annapolis City Dock

Annapolis is the capital state of Maryland its 26 miles away from the Baltimore inner harbor, there are many 18th century buildings. There are many places to explore such as different museums, shopping areas and restaurants.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery there at the dock along with boating can be done, the waterfront there is known as the Ego Alley.

C and O Canal Park

The C and O canal (Chesapeake and Ohio state canal) is another attractive place for the visitors, the service and resorts there offer you many recreational events and things to do.  You can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, boating, horse riding and swimming there.  This canal runs 184.5 miles , people normally enjoy there in summer, spring and fall.

C and O Canal Park
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Eastern Shore

This covers a an area hundreds of miles between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay its very popular people from different regions visit there to enjoy mostly in summer vacations. There are many recreational points you can enjoy swimming, riding, golf, fishing, bird watching and biking. The resort which is located there they offer many festivals and organize many events such  as they organize fishing competitions, different races, seafood competition and other interesting events can be found. You can also have a look to historic places and natural sceneries there.

National Harbor

It has a waterfront having an area of 300 acres in Washington DC. It was originally started in the spring of 2008. It includes restaurants, condominiums, a full service marina, hotels, commercial office spaces and a convention center.  It is said to be the largest convention center on the east coast.  Different new places are planned to be opened their recently National Children’s museum is started there and it is planned to start the MGM casino and Tanger outlet shopping mall in the area. Many different annual events are organized there such as a National Harbor Restaurant week, Food  and Wine festival, the Market, Movies on the Potomac, Summer concerts and Independence day celebration etc.

Deep Creek Lake

It is the largest fresh water lake in the Maryland. It has a surface of 3900 acres and running 12 miles. It can be visited in any of the season it is suitable for all four seasons.  It offers many services and enjoyment related events. Camping, swimming, hiking, bicycling, snowboarding, horse riding and other activities can be done there.  It has many natural views that you can enjoy, no traffic is in the way so you can go at any time without any tension of traffic you can enjoy swimming there because it is a fresh water lake and it’s good for your skin and health, keeps you refreshing, temperature is usually 10 to 15 degrees cooler than surrounding so you can take a rest over there in the summer season.

Maryland Live Casino

Live casino in the Maryland is the largest casino there, having 4750 slot and electric table games. You can enjoy poker, craps, roulette and blackjack in the casino.  The casino was originally started in June 2012 featuring 3200 slot machines and electronic tables.  The casino is open, Sunday to Thursday from 8-2 AM and Friday and Saturday from 8-4 AM. The visitors fond of playing games and gambling can enjoy fully there. Casino guest must be 21 years old.

Six Flags America

The Six Flags America is especially created for the full enjoyment of elders and children. It is considered as the largest water park in the Washington DC area. The amusement parks having 7 roller coasters make it really joyful the roller coasters are named as the Superman ride of steel, Joker’s jinx etc.  There are various facilities of family rides available like, hurricane harbor and many new water slides. The children can enjoy cartoon characters there and can meet them such as bugs bunny.

Strathmore  Music Center and Mansion

The Strathmore music center having the capacity of 2000 seats provides art education and world class performance. Many national artists perform there including blues, jazz, classical music, folk and show tunes.  It also provides the rehearsal and practice rooms for the students.  There is a cafeteria having a seating capacity of 140 persons at a time and a gift shop. Annual events such as Strathmore Backyard Theater for children, free outdoor concerts, Museum Shop around and Discover Strathmore are also organized there.  Parking is free the events having tickets system in normal days without any event 5 $ per car from Monday to Friday and free for Saturday and Sunday.

Brookside Gardens

It is an award winning garden located at 50 acre area in Wheaten, Maryland.  The garden shows many displays including aquatic garden, rose garden, children’s garden, trial garden, butterfly garden, azalea garden, fragrance garden and formal garden. There are many conservatories (green house) in which there is a large and beautiful collection of tropical plants. Brookside garden also offers educational activities for children and adults also. The classes are scheduled twice a year. You can enjoy and see many natural plants there.

So, which one if one of your favourite place to visit among Top 10 Places to Visit in Maryland?


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