Top 10 Places To Visit in Indiana US 2015

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Indiana expands from a small segment of mighty Lake Michigan in the north, down to Kentucky in the south, with Ohio to the east and Illinois to the west. This is a land of great adversity because of the beaches to the mountain and lakes, from the beaches to the mountains and lakes, from the Indy 500 to the State Capitol. Here are top 10 places to visit in Indiana US 2015 and enjoy its nature

Top 10 Places To Visit in Indiana US 2015

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Speedway

This is an iconic place in motor racing history and well significance a visit. Every May towards the end of the month, the drivers take on an arduous 500 mile race, over 200 laps of the course and it’s an international exposition. Visitors come there to see the race, most of the people are not there for the events, and peoples can still visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum or the Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort for fun or track experiences. These rushes from March to November and should be booked in advance.


Amish Acres, Nappanee

Amish Acres, an historic farm and traditional resort near the town of Nappanee half an hour south of Elkhart. It has different from others because these peoples are quiet, simple style, and secure. Their lifestyles are unchanged from the last 2 centuries The German and Dutch children graved out of a way of life in the Midwest that discard a great deal of modern technology and the adornment of capitalism. These peoples have a different way of living. In Nappanee, Indiana, three procreations of one family farmed and lived.  Peoples see their tools, livestock, orchard and homes, the farming methods and the sheer rural simplicities they share other peoples of everyday life. Amish Acres is one of the top Indiana tourist spots where peoples come due to its historical and educational nature.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus, also called as Saint Nicholas, located in the southwest of the state, it is the small but famous town of Santa Claus. This is the only place in the world where Santa Claus stamps your letters in the Post Office. Tourists gathering from  the world and capture photos under Santa’s statuary peoples  also visit Santa Claus Museum, that has amazing Santa Claus Christmas Store, Splash in’ Safari which is a great theme park contains wooden roller coasters. This is one of my favourite place to visit with kids among the list of top 10 places to visit in Indiana US 2015.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

On the most southern coast of Lake Michigan which expands from 25 miles. There are different amazing sanctuaries that are the greatest attraction towards the tourists like, protected shore, beach, dunes, prairie, wetlands and forest covering over 15,000 acres from west to east. The fifteen miles of sandy beaches are found there, and has the different wildlife mostly different kinds of birds are found .Bird watchers and nature optimists come here for the treaty and abundant wildlife. Over 350 species of bird, are present and plants are of different kinds contains arctic and boreal rarities. There are the different opportunities for the visitors like  camping, swimming, horse riding, cycling the Calumet Trail, hiking or just sunbathing. Hiking is very popular in this place visitors enjoyed during hiking, Indiana Dunes are an astonishing landscape to examine, and visitors feel relaxed in this place.

Turkey Run State Park

Its name maybe originates from the wild turkeys that would assemble in the warmer gully bottoms, called runs.  The peoples want to visit that place for hunting and to make their trip memorable. Peoples come there to learn about the history, plants, and trees and how the canyons were formed. There are some scaling ladders and adjournment bridges across sugar brook that shows different scenery. Tourists come to see Rocky Hollow, in the northeastern corner of the park. Here, there are narrow but deep canyons that river flows through, and the only waterfall in the area. The park is open each single day of the year from 7.00am until 11.00pm. The nature and enviroment of this place is totally amazing and this is one of my best place among top 10 places to visit in Indiana US 2015.


Lafayette is  located on the north of Indianapolis on Interstate is  the small city of Lafayette, home to Purdue University, the scenic Wabash River, the first ever Air Mail delivery.this city is a marvelous place to visit that will satisfy every heart’s ardor. There are various things to enjoy in this beautiful city like, golf, gardens, horse drawn transit rides through the snow, fountains, art and zoos.

Indiana Statehouse, Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a beautiful city; and tourist comes here to visit that place. This is the fourth state house in Indiana, which has been completely modernized- only being completely reopened in 1995 at a cost of eleven million dollars. this ambitious building remain open for tourists throughout the week; still it is a working government building. It is a remarkable building with walls that are made up of limestone, marble columns and a beautiful convenient stained glass dome.

Brown County State Park

Every year five million visitors come to this beautiful place. Its aspersion near the graceful town of Nashville located in the state of central south. The tourist comes here for hiking, swimming in the lakes or pools, camp, ride horses, bird watchers and picnic make their trip memorable here we found wildlife especially different types of birds. This place is not just one of the top 10 places to visit in Indiana US but also from whole America.

Terre Haute

Located near the Illinois fringe in Vigo County, Terre Haute, or ‘high ground’ is an historic place, French persuaded and artistic center which has amended greatly in recent decades and now it provides a great transaction for the tourists. There are three great parks, which are wide 350 acres most of the area are covered with Trees Rivers, museums and art galleries.

South Bend

On a ream of St. Joseph’s River in north of the state is the city of South Bend. From its fur transaction roots, the city has developed 100,000 people, museums, theatres, galleries and a great zoo. The University of Notre Dame with its remnant golden roof, over 170 years old and situated in beautiful grounds is well signed for a visit.

What are your top 10 places to visit in Indiana US in 2015? Do share the name of places to visit in Indiana in comment section to enhance this list.


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