Top 10 Health Tips Websites 2015

10 Top Health Tips Website To Keep You Healty

Health is very important, not for today but it is the main condition to live a happy life. Because without health no one can enjoy life. So, its very important to keep yourself healthy and fit and for this you have to act upon some “Doctor’s advice”. Everybody know that there is nothing free in this world, So you have to go to the doctor and have to pay his fees to be advised by it. But fortunately this work could also be done online and without paying any fees, for this there are top 10 health tips websites and blogs which offer free health and fitness tips which anyone can use to keep itself healthy and fit.

Top 10 Health Tips Websites 2015

Top 10 health tips websites



“Everyday health” is one of the best health and fitness website which provide a lot of useful tips about health. In this website you can also look for a doctor near you can also use some useful tools like calorie control to keep eye on your fitness.

Everyday Health

9: is another good to know health website which also provide health tips and tricks about different topics related to health. You can get best diet recipes to make you slim and fit.


Quality Health is another good health and fitness website which is provide quality tips about health and fitness. Here too you can call a doctor and you can also use tools like “Symptoms checker” to check the symptoms if you got any disease.

Quality Health


Well Sphere is like a search engine but it only give query results related to health and fitness. Just type anything in the search bar in the’s homepage , then you will get the best result about your query. In this website you can also submit your own tips.

Well Sphere


This is not a health blog which provide health tips and tricks but in this website you can find all types of doctors, dentists and hospitals in your area just selecting the name of your area there.

Health Grades


Health Line is also a good health and fitness blog and it was also nominated as best health blog of 2012. Here you can search for symptoms, treatments and medicines. You can also find a good doctor for you there.

Health Line

4:, as the domain of the website shows that it is a health blog but it good enough to get the good health tips. You can also get health food recipes and drinks recipes. A lot of beauty tips are also waiting for you there.


Real Age is very useful beauty and health tips blogs, this blog is specially for those who always want to look younger then their real age. You can get a lot method to reduce aging signs from this website.

Real age


Find a-z list drugs in this website and also use useful tools like, symptoms checker, drugs checker and diet checker to check every thing about your health and fitness.


This is the official website of National Institute of health USA, this is very useful because you can get yourself in touch with latest research about health and also a lot of tips about health are waiting for you there.

Nih. gov

So, this is the list of top 10 health tips websites to keep you healthy, this list will help you a lot to keep yourself  healthy and fit. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.