Top 10 Attractions of Idaho USA

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USA is home to one of the most beautiful, glamorous and admirable places in the world. If you ever visit USA then you should never miss the opportunity to see the places described in this post. Idaho is one of the best place in entrie USA to visit. It has its own attractions which attract thuosands of tourists around the world. Check out the list of Top 10 Attractions of Idaho USA where you can visit and spend memorable time with your family, friend or ever alone.

Top 10 Attractions of Idaho USA

Sawtooth Scenic Highway

Also called as the State Highway 75, the road is one of the most scenic highways of Idaho and leads to Sawtooth National Recreation Area. It begins on Greenwood Street, and heads towards the Big Wood River. It is significant because it is 100th National Scenic Byway. People going through the highway can have a beautiful view of the waters of the Salmon River. It has a lot of cultural, natural and scenic attractions. For the first few miles it passes through farmlands, then through modern town and high resorts. It is one the favorite tourist attractions.


Shoshone Falls

Located approximately five miles from the twin falls is this beautiful falls, Shoshone Falls. It is higher than even the Niagara Falls. In the spring season it is a diversion from the Snake river and it is a must watch during this season. There were several storms of salmon at the falls before the development of dams. More than fifteen species of fish are found.  Even without the high water flow, the view remains spectacular and amazing throughout the year. The city of Twin Falls presents many recreation facilities.

Denali National Park and Reserve

Located at 131 Myrtle is a science museum, called as Denali national park and reserve. On the subject of science, math, engineering and technology are the focus of this park. All the museum amazing exhibits revolve mostly around these subjects. Centripetal wheel, bubble wall, Dune machine, Tornado, Turbulent Orb is among a few of the amazing exhibits that attract locals and tourists from all over the world. Bodies revealed is one the major attractions. Some classes are also conducted as physics Phun, Robotics with parallax and Crazy Chem. Many science festivals are also conducted.

Sun Valley

In the IS state of Idaho, adjacent to the city of Ketchum is the resort city called as Sun Valley. Skiing, hiking, tennis playing, trail riding and ice skating are the famous activities that attract people in the Sun Valley. Another thing famous is the Alpine ski area which is located in the Bald Mountain. The Bald Mountain is famous all over the world by its skiing opportunities which can be attributed to the steep slopes and downhill’s. This region is mostly inhabited by the rich and powerful region. All around the year there are sports and games organized.

International Selkirk Loop

Another one of the beautiful and amazing highway of Idaho is a 280 miles long highway. It covers Idaho, Washington as well as British Columbia. This looped highway surrounds the mountain ranges of Selkirk. While passing through this loop highway one gets to marvel and awe at each and every scene and landscape that circles it. From crystal clear lakes to snow peaked mountain ranges, one gets enthralled by all of them. Along the route are many communities that offer festivals and events related to history. Playgrounds also provide opportunities for cultural activities all year round.

Tautphaus Park Zoo

Tautphaus zoo is a part of the Tautphaus Park which is one of the largest parks in the Idaho Falls. This zoo has the largest collection of animals in the Idaho. Along with the usual zoo animals, this place has around 14 species of animals that are endangered. There is a separate part for kids called as the Children’s zoo where people can pat and feed safe animals and is a great children’s attraction. Bird lovers get to enjoy one of the most exotic birds from all over the world.  Penguins and Gibbons are other famous exhibits.

Boise River

Located in the northwest US is this 280 mile long river which is a tributary of the snake river. Sawtooth range and the Snake river plains are all irrigated by this river. On hot and dry summer days this place is great for floating. Above the dam another famous recreation is water skiing. Where there is a river, there is a chance of fishing. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and catfish can be found in these waters. Mountain whitefish, brown trout, rainbow trout are found in the upstream water which is also a little colder. Many important dams are under construction and are a hope to economy as well.

Bruneau Dunes State Park

This state park is famous for having small lakes and many large sand dunes. It has this amazing 470 foot sand dune which is the highest single structured sand dunes. It has also a Dunes observatory where people can use telescopes for grazing. Many different habitats including dunes, desert, lake and marshes can be seen. Canoeing, floating, swimming, boating and rafting is also allowed in this place. Bird watching, camping and hiking are other activities that are provided by this state park.

Craters of the Moon National Monument

This place is located in the Snake River plain between Arco and Carey. It is a national monument and national preserve center. The features are volcanic and it has three major lava fields which lie along the great Rift of Idaho. There are great examples of cracks, tree molds, lava tubes, basaltic lava and many diverse volcanic features. Its access road is mostly unpaved and most of its regions are far flung and undeveloped. It has a visitor center and a paved trail. Devil’s orchid and Cave area are other recreation facilities.

University Of Idaho

In the region of Moscow is the oldest university of the state abbreviated as UI. This university accepts merit students and is primarily a research university. It has its unique features and an architecture that is one of the most scenic and beautiful. Having designed by the designers of the famous Central Park in the N.Y this university has beautiful recreation facilities with the presence of hills, lakes and river. There is a beautiful pathway in the Idaho campus that is all surrounded by trees, statues and sculptures and is called as the Hello Walk. Golf course gymnasium and botanical garden are all part of it.

So, which one if one of your most desirable place to visit from above Top 10 Attractions of Idaho USA?


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