Tools to Enhance your Dropbox Experience

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When it comes to cloud computing or cloud storage services then discussion cannot be completed without talking about Dropbox. There are many other companies in that market that are offering same services and features but being a pioneer in this field, Dropbox has a special position. It is worth noting that companies like Google and Microsoft have also launched their own cloud computing services for the users to compete against Dropbox but still, they are unable to bring any defame for Dropbox. In this post, I’m not going to talk specifically about Dropbox but I will be talking about certain tools that can help you enhance your experience with this great cloud storage services.


Tools to Enhance your Dropbox Experience

Gimme Bar

Normally, if you want to store some photos, videos, files or texts into your Dropbox folder then you first need to download them in your computer and then put them in the folder. However, with the help of this easy to use tool, you can easily upload any of your files, videos, photos or even texts to your Dropbox account directly from your browser. You just need to visit the site, get yourself registered as a user for free and add their bookmark in your browser. At the bottom of your screen, you will see a bar in which you can drag any file from your browser to upload directly into your Dropbox account.


There is no doubt that Dropbox is completely secure and once you have uploaded your files there, nobody can have access to them unless you share those files or your password with someone. Still, it is important to ensure the proper security of files and that can be done through proper file encryption. This fabulous tool allows you to encrypt any file or folder before uploading to your Dropbox account. Whenever, you will try to upload any files to your Dropbox folder, the tool will ask you to encrypt the files first. You can also install the app for this tool on your Android or iOS devices as well.


If often find my Dropbox account in a complete messy situation and I find no easy way to sort all the things out. However, now I have got assistance of this great tool called SortMyBox that does exactly what its name means. You are the one who sets the rules and rest is managed by this tool very easily. It is like automating the cleaning process of your room or closet so whenever you open the door, you find everything in order and sorted out properly.


At times, you are not able to access your Dropbox folder on a public computer but you should not worry at all because with the help of DropboxPortableAHK, you can easily access your Dropbox account and folder anywhere in the world.

Are you a Dropbox fan? What is the best thing that you like about Dropbox? If you have anything special that you would like to say then you can use the comments section below.


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