Some Cool Features of Windows 8 That You Will Definitely Love

Cool Features of Windows 8
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 08:41 pm

When I installed the Windows 8 OS in my computer the only word that escaped my mouth was “Wow”. I have seen the screenshots and read the reviews about this new OS by Microsoft before installing it in my computer and I was already in love with the simplicity of design. However, after having my own copy of Windows 8 that runs on my PC now, I was completely thrilled and to be honest with you, I was going crazy by telling my friends about this great OS by Microsoft. The guys at Microsoft have really put some great efforts in the making of Windows 8. I don’t have a lot of time but if I could, I would tell you each and everything about Windows 8 that I like. However, to keep this post short, simple and understandable, I’m going to tell you about some of the features that I have found really interesting and I’m sure that you will also like those features of Win 8 as well.

Cool Features of Windows 8
Cool Features of Windows 8

1) Windows Live Syncing

If you are using Windows 8 on your personal computer then you will definitely customize it as per your own taste. However, there can be a situation when you are not able to use your computer because you are travelling or you may be visiting your relatives. If you have some urgent work to do then you will have to ask them for using their computer. If that computer also has Windows 8 installed in it then by logging in with your Windows Live ID, you can regain the same customization that you have made in your personal computer. Isn’t it great?

2) In depth Search Functions

When Windows 7 was launched, not only I like its UI but I also liked its search feature as well. However, once you will take a look at the search function of Windows 8, you will forget each and everything about Windows 7. The search feature has been improved and advanced in Windows 8 and now it has become really easy to find anything on your computer with the help of this feature. I have found many of my lost files with the help of this feature and you should also try using this tool as well.

3) Windows To Go

This is a great feature of Windows 8 that bring portability to a new level. It kind of works same as the Windows Live Synch option but in a different way. You can easily make a copy of your Windows 8 in a USB drive, an external Hard Drive or any other memory device that you have. Now, you can keep that copy with you whenever you are travelling. If you stumble upon on a computer where Windows 8 is installed, you can just attach the memory device with that computer and load the same Windows 8 with all the features that you were using in your house.

There are so many other features that I like about Windows 8 but I will tell you guys about those features in some other post. Don’t forget to tell me if you liked this post or not.

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