Top Seo Tips For Website Redesign and Renovation

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When you are redesigning and renovation your website, you should take care of your website ranking. There is a 100% chance you may be losing your website ranking if there is any important factor missing. Therefore how is it possible to keep your renovation safe so it will not affect your SEO hard work in a negative way? Listed below are Round Pulse’s Seo Tips For Website Redesign and Renovation:


Seo Tips For Website Redesign and Renovation

Must Check Google Analytics code

Make sure to insert the Google Analytics tracking code into your new website design so that you will not suffer a loss of data. The code requires to be on in all pages and needs to be up-to-date.

Check Robots.txt File

When you are in testing mode and checking your new design by uploading to server, You must check robots.txt file. There is chance may be search engine index your test files. This file is oftentimes neglected and it is essential that it is tested and refreshed to block search engines to not crawl your website testing pages.

Content Plan and Mapping

Renovating your website is an ideal chance to pre-plan a number of helpful content ideas for your viewers therefore you have to be prepared to go back to your website and build relationships with your visitors on social media. You can share your plan with your Followers and Fans to get their suggestions regarding the new design. Getting in touch with your visitors may increase the speed of your website growth.

Include 301 redirects on new URL’s

If you are making changes in your URLs then it can be a critical impact on the SEO because you are ranked on exact URL, therefore if you change URL there is a 100% chance of lose the outcomes. You have to add 301 (permanent) URL redirects on all old pages links to new URL’s.

Ensure that You choose the best CMS

Unexpectedly, there are many content management systems (CMS) which have various restrictions which have bad impact on SEO. This is because Many CMS stands out as the lack of ability to possess a unique meta description and title on every page. Be sure that your CMS enables you to customize the title and meta description and have them as unique on all pages of your respective site.

Create a Standard report for Your Website

Prior to your brand-new website will go live, you should have the understanding of in which place you are presently getting ranking, you can do this by performing a standard document report for your existing keywords as well as search engine ranking positions. You will take advantage of this document after the release of the new remodeled website to recognize where you are standing after the redesign. This is one of the recommended practice to run your website Report which you create at the time of releasing new design. Check rankings daily for approximately for 2 weeks. If you see Your position is dropping or increasing? If it’s dropping then you have to find out the reason behind it. For example, you may have ignored 301 redirect, site map or anything.

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