List Of Top 30 Tumblr Themes To Spice Your Tumblr Blog – Part 1

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Tumblr is one of the most used blogging platforms in the internet, both professionals and time passers use tumblr for blogging, for sharing there ideas to the world in their words. Tumblr is not only a blogging network but it is also a well known social network and as discussed in our recent article its reputation is also better than some other popular social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Blogging is not only due to the words which people write on their blogs because the design of the blog also matters a lot, it attract visitors to it, visitors like it and remember, if it is beautiful then people wish to have one like this if it is ugly then will not take interest in the blog too no matter how much unique content it have in it. Because blog design is like a first and last impression to visitors if it is liked by the visitors then they will again come to your blog if your blog design have failed to impress them then simply they will think twice before coming to your blog again. Usually beast tumblr themes are hard to find but specially for our readers we have selected top 30 tumblr themes to spice your tumblr blog and this is the part 1 of the list.


30: Digital Moleskine

This is the most beautiful tumblr theme in the themes market. The perfect combination of two colors makes it very beautiful and attractive. It also contains social networking buttons which are often can not be found in Blogger templates too but Digital Moleskine contains beautiful sharing buttons. The search bar is also very attractive which is on the right side of screen. The all buttons moves slightly when move cursor moves over them which gives a perfect impression. Tags and number of notes are shown under the posts. This theme really good for photos and videos type of blogs.

29: Museum Theme

Museum theme is another perfect addition in this list of top 30 tumblr themes to spice your tumblr blog. Black thumbnails with gray background give a look to theme. This theme is also perfect for pictures blog. Content is shown in the thumbnails like boxes and the number of pages is also shown in the box like that. Most interesting thing is this that disqus is already installed in this theme which well known for managing comments and bringing traffic to blogs. This theme can be downloaded from link in the title above.

28: Opinionated

Opinionated is a different but perfect idea by the designer. In the back side of content there is the face of author and in the front there is his hand which looks like holding the content. The face part of author contains tiny pictures which are linked to other beautiful tumblr themes. When we move the mouse cursor down then it seems like the hand above the content is opening next photo. All in all this is also a good theme and you should give it a try.

27: Perfs’s Tumblr

Perfs’s tumblr is also a very attractive tumblr theme with white, orange and silver combination. This theme is also good of videos and photos.  In front of every picture there is a banner like opening which shows date of publishing and description about the content which looks attractive. The theme is can also be downloaded from the link above in the title.

Perfs's Tumblr
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Perfs’s Tumblr

26: Photoboard

As the name of the theme shows that this theme is designed for photos and videos So, it could be your perfect choice for your tumblr photos’ blog. The theme shows two photos in a row. When mouse cursor is moved on the photos it brings description about them. This theme could also be downloaded from the link above in the title.

25: Postage

This theme is also by the designer of the theme described above. The line of three colors gives theme a more attractive look. On the right side you can photo your own photo by editing the theme. The search and follow buttons on the right side also looks very attractive. This theme can be used for any purpose like news, simple tips, photos and videos. The theme could be downloaded from the link above in the title.

24: Confucius

This theme is again by Jake Paul the designer of the two themes above. Blue and white combination makes theme perfect. Archives and subscribe buttons are on the right side of the screen and in this theme too you can put your own photo easily by editing.

23: Strict

If you like simplicity then this theme could be your choice. This theme very simple but with good looking fonts and interface it look beautiful. Search and members are shown in the bottom side of the theme. This theme can also be downloaded from the link above.

22: Phobic

Phobic man is another perfect tumblr theme which looks great with blue and blue and white combination. This is the first theme in this list in which you can add header photo by editing easily. Right side contains links and bio of the author.

21: Funkytional Sezeen

This a perfect tumblr theme rich of features and its look is really great. Movable bar at above adds in the beauty of this theme. Right side bar could be used for putting any type of widgets. The color combination in this theme is really perfect. Theme can be downloaded from the link in the title.

So, this is the part one of the list of top 30 tumblr themes to spice your blog. I hope you like the stuff and for more themes like these and for the rest part of the post be in touch with us.


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