LG Optimus G Pro – Specs


It is the time when the technological word is moving towards Phablets. Yes you heard it right, Phablets which are combination of a tablet and a Smartphone or in simpler word its a blown up Smartphone that has the size of a tablet. LG Optimus G Pro is a Phablet that might give a little strain to your fingers but it provides great speed and spectacular  features.



Body and Display:

This is a huge phone with dimensions of 5.91*3.0*0.37. It gives full HD display with LCD capacitive touchscreen. The pixel density is great and gives you clear images. It has of 5.5 inches of multi touch screen. The over all look and design is much like Galaxy Note II and why wouldn’t it be? After all LG Optimus G Pro was made to compete with Galaxy Note II. Both the sets look like step brothers. Optimus G Pro has round corners and a glossy plastic back. The bezel at the front is thin. The handset is available in basic Black and White colors.

Processing Speed ( The Best Part):

The best thing you can get out of this gigantic phone is the speed. It transitions swiftly from home-screen to apps and games. It has got 1.7 GHz Qualcomm processor.


Camera and Memory:

Another good thing about LG Optimus G Pro is its 13 MP camera with a resolution of 4208*1320 pixels along with auto-focus and LED flash light. It also features 2.1 MP secondary camera. HDR video recording ability is also present.


Other Features:

It supports 4.2.2 Jellybean software with LG skin. LG should work on the operating system because its quite messy and difficult to swoop through. A fast speed really does not give you much to do when you don’t have enough options on your mobile and that is the problem with LG.

The bottom line is that it is a great Smartphone for those who want speed and don’t mind their handsets peaking out of their pockets. For people with large hands, using the big screen won’t be an issue. There are better options in the market but the LG Optimus G Pro is the fastest. You can get it for $ 200.

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