5 Best and Latest Gadgets of 2015


Technology is evolving rapidly. Technology always surprises human. Following are some of the latest gadgets that will definitely make people astonish and bombshell.

5 Best and Latest Gadgets of 2015

1 # BMW i8


BMW i8 lets you control the music by waving your hands in the air. The BMW i8 embodies the accomplished vision of a modern and sustainable sports car. This car offers far more than pure athleticism. Its driving concept is very unique which reinvents the idea of sporting mobility. The technology relies on a 3D camera built into the ceiling of the car above the center console. It can detect the orientation of your hand and how many fingers you are holding up and then respond to whatever is displayed on screen. For instance, if you are listening to music then you can circle your finger clockwise to crank up the tunes and swirling anti-clockwise to slow down the music. If someone calls you and his face appears on screen, the call can be answered virtually poking him and if you do not want to attend the call then you can simply dismiss it by swiping to the right. No doubt that this is an amazing technology.


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2 # Smart Bed

This smart bed provides smarter health monitoring solutions that are non-invasive, effortless and highly effective. This smart bed tracks the sleep patterns. The technology features built-in monster detector. The bed gathers the data automatically and without the need for a wristband or other wearable device. Parents can then look at the scores and as kids grow older, they will be able to look at the data and they will be able to manage their own sleep schedules. The bed also comes with a monster detector and star rewards for a good night’s sleep.


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3 # Petcube

Petcube is a box with a laser printer, speaker and light that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via the Petcube Smartphone app. Laser can be controlled by moving finger around iPhone or Android phone’s screen. Anywhere your finger moves your pet will be followed. This technology lets you see exactly what your dog sees; you can talk to your dog, when you are not home. Through this technology, you can make sure that pet is safe.


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4 # Smartwatch

Hyundai is a gadget which starts a car with your wrist. Hyundai’s new blue link smartwatch app lets you do everything from lock and unlock a car to start and stop the engine. All these activities are done from this amazing gadget. Hyundai’s blue link app lets you control a variety of your car from anywhere in the world as long as you have a Wi-Fi or cell signal.


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5 # H8 Headphone

High end Danish audio company Bang and Olufsen has premiered a new pair of noise canceling Bluetooth headphones. The gadget is made of a flexible aluminum frame, cowhide leather, lambskin and comfortable memory foam. It can be controlled with the swipe of a finger. The H8 is very light in weight. All you need is to just connect the device via Bluetooth then pop them onto your head and swipe from side to side on the right earphone’s surface to skip songs or draw in a circle to turn the volume of song up or down. These gestures can also be managed to incoming phone calls.


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