iPhone 4S Explodes in Croatia


The news about of cell phones exploding does not sound as queer as it would have sounded a year or so ago. It all seems perfectly normal after what happened to the girl who was carrying a Samsung Galaxy S3 in her pocket. There are several other stories in which the phones exploding or electrocuting their owners and causing them severe injuries. This new story includes something similar happening to the iPhone 4S. What actually happened is that a iPhone 4S exploded on a bedside table in Croatia.


Here again for unknown reason the owner Ljubica Maric, of age 28, of Zagreb Croatia lost her iPhone 4S when she left it on her bedside table, connected with the charger and it exploded.

Like most of the users she was also in the habit of charging the phone overnight while she sleeping. As per usual she left her phone charging and went to bed. Her family was sleeping when the phone rang. She didn’t answer is on the first ring as she was sleeping but she was about to grab it on the second ring when it exploded. Its glass cracked badly and the speakers blew out. The debris and broken pieces were scattered all over the floor and table despite the fact that it was in its case.

The very weird aspect of the whole incident was that the phone worked and there were no scortch marks and burning signs at the electrical outlets. The charger was perfectly ok too and there was no sigh of damage. Even though the owners wanted the repair under the warranty but the company asked for about  1600 Croatian Kuna (that makes about $277) for the repair anyway.

It has not been the first time that a iPhone or generally any device has exploded. In some other cases the damage was more severe and heavy. Most of the times it was noted that the device was being charged using the third party charger or is using a third party battery to begin with. Other incidents included the unstable power supply.

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