How To Use Pinterest Basic introduction

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After presenting tutorial about sing up for pinterest now here comes the important thing about Pinterest, which is pinboards, pinboards are the important part of the Pinterest social networking site. Today we will introduce Pin boards to our readers, this introduction tutorial will include complete guide about pin boards’ content that how to use it or what’s behind it.

Pinterest Basic introduction
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Pinterest Basic introduction

On this social networking site every user has its pin boards where their content is pinned. Every user can view others pin boards and whom they are following. All content by users on pinterest is pinned on pin boards. On your profile home pinterest shows users the content pinned by the people whom they are following. We will start from the profile home which is like news feed in Facebook.


The pictures and videos looks clean until users courser their mouse pointer on any picture of videos to see the other options. Every picture and video contains comments below It and status about likes, re pins and comments slightly above the comments but below the content. To like, re pin or comments about any picture or video just move mouse pointer on that picture or videos. After taking mouse pointer to that picture or video these options will appear on the top of photo or video, just click on any to complete the desired task. In the middle of comments and status about likes, re pins and comments there is the name of the user who pinned this content and onto which board, for example, user named “Ali” pinned a picture onto board named “Ali pictures” then there will be written Ali onto Ali pictures under the picture.

To zoom picture and to see further details about the pictures and videos just click on any picture or video a new page will appear, showing more options and details about the picture. On the top of that page there will shown the content in larger size. On the top of the content there will be name of the user who pinned this content and on the bottom of the content there will be the title and link of the content from where it is pinned and below it there will be the comments made by the other users.

Below the comments there will be the name of the boards onto which content is pinned. Under this there will be the name of the user who originally pinned this content and in front of it there will be the name of the place from where the content is pinned. Under this section there will be the sections of re pins and likes, showing that how many re pins have been made for this content and how many users like this content.

In this zoomed page a side widget on the right side of the page will present, from where users can like this content of Facebook, tweet to twitter, embed this to their blog or website, can report certain content and can email it direct from the page.

So that is the little Introduction to the pin boards of pinterest to better use them.


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