How to Top Ten Social Networking Sites to Increase Ranking

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In this competitive world of information every organization wants to be a leader and they seem to be in the war. We can easily observe the war between these social media websites, actually everyone wants to be a web king or a giant. Now in this article we can see the competitive advantages of top ten social networking sites with respect to their market share in this online field.

Top Ten Social Networking Sites
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Top Ten Social Networking Sites

All of these top ten websites have done a brilliant business in building audience and getting millions of users all over the world annually. Lets have a look at the top ten social networking websites.


1: Facebook

Facebook is the number 1 social networking site and on the top of the list by having more than 1000 million active users since 2002, which shows how much it is popular among people. Facebook have 23,023,205,668 page impressions per day and with more than $5 Billion net worth. In order to retain its position Facebook try to introduce lots of features in the website and fill the gap of different opportunities.

2: YouTube

YouTube is a great site which offers video streaming and was launched in 2005. After the acquisition, YouTube is a leader in video portal and Google make YouTube as a social networking site by going to launch subscription and add friends at YouTube. YouTube has the biggest database of videos for this reason it has most visited video sharing website. It gets 7,621,914,928 page views daily with a net worth of$3. 4 Billion.

3: Twitter

From 2006, Twitter is becoming a challenger in social networking sites , which enables users to post tweets of 140 characters. Twitter holds the record of more than 200 million active users tweeting daily. The net worth of Twitter is $1.1 Billion with daily page impressions of 253,299,926 twitters.

4: Google+

Google presents Google+ with new creativity, a new social network in fourth place with 65,000,00 monthly users. Its Circle function is famous and it is true that google plus will be the at more improving stage at the end of this year.

5: LinkedIn

Amazing social networking website which makes links between you and your office with 110,000,000 unique monthly visitors. First time in history that more than 80% of US employee use Linkedin for getting connection with their boss and college teachers. It is a site for job seekers and recruiters, according to a survey that 77 percent of jobs are posted on Linkedin. This is right for those who need a job, business deal, hiring company and much more!

6: Myspace

Another social entertainment website with highly personalized space and with 70,500,000 visitors . If you want  to space for your entertainment needs then MySpace is for you.


7: Deviant Art

Deviant Art is the art of the internet. Where you will able to read and share stories, like and download art. At saven number in ranking with 25,500,000 monthly visitors.

8: LiveJournal

LiveJournal has quietly built a community of bloggers, photographers, fangirls, fanboys and artists. An estimate monthly visitors at 20,500,000.

9: Tagged

This social network site makes it easy for you to meet people around and share stuff about your life. If you dislike Facebook then get Tagged. Standing in 9th position by logging more than 19,500,000 monthly visitors.

10: Orkut

The Google owned Orkut. In the presence of Google+, this social site still manages to take it at higher place in India and Brazil.


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