How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Disk

Recover Deleted Files from Hard Disk

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:03 pm

What do you think about deleted files? Do they really get erased from the disk after you delete them from recycle bin? If these sorts of questions are running in your mind then here goes the perfect solution for your problem.


When you delete a file from your system it really doesn’t get erased it will still exists in your hard disk even you empty the file from the Recycle Bin. This is why you can recover a deleted file from your hard disk.

Recover Deleted Files from Hard Disk
Recover Deleted Files from Hard Disk

What happens to the deleted files

One of the main functions of the operating system is to manage a file. OS used to keep track of its resources among them hard disk (Memory) is also one resource. OS keeps track of files and folders which are saved in hard drive through pointers. A pointer to a file tells where the file is exactly located with the beginning and ending of the files.

When the file is deleted, Windows removes the pointer to the location and marks that sector as available. From the users and Windows point of view the space is free but until Windows doesn’t write any data in that sector the old data will always exists.

Until a new data is written over the sectors which contents the data of deleted files the recovery software can recover the data. The deleted files will be partially recovered if the sectors have been partially overwritten.

You should remember that this doesn’t apply to solid-state drives (SSDs).

If you really want to erase contents of a file at the time of deleting there is a tool named “file-shredding” which can be efficiently used.

How to Recover Deleted Files

If you have deleted an important file and you really need it back then there are few things you have to bear in mind before running a recovery process.

  1. Recover the file as soon as possible.

  2. Use the hard drive as much little as possible.

There are no any inbuilt tools in Windows to recover deleted files, but varieties of third party applications or tools are available which can recover a deleted file. Some of the tools are:

  1. Recuva (From the developers of CCleaner)

  2. PC Tools™ File Recover

  3. Recover Files

  4. Recover My Files

  5. Hard Drive Data Recovery

  6. Remo Recover

  7. PC Inspector File Recovery

Using PC Inspector File Recovery to recover deleted files

Using PC Inspector File Recovery to recover deleted files

Step 1: Run the PC Inspector File Recovery

Step 2: Select the drive from which you want to recover your files

Step 3: Scan the selected drive

Step 4: Sort the recovered files and select which you want to recover

Step 5: Wait until all of your selected files are rescued.

Step 6: Open the recovered files.

Now don’t cry for the deleted file, be happy you have recovered it. The processes of recovering files using the above software are nearly same. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.