How to change Twitter Heading Image – New Feature

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On September 18th, 2012 Twitter announced that the user can customize their profile with a header photo. Twitter is now capable of dress up your profile pages, header images similar to Facebook and Google+ header cover photos, and the process of adding them is just as simple.

change Twitter Heading Image
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change Twitter Heading Image

Directions to add a Twitter Profile Header Image

Direction #1

Go to twitter home page and log into account with proper username and password as usual.


Direction #2

Click on gear button to top right corner of the page and select on “SETTING” from the drop down menu.

Direction #3

Click “PROFILE” tab on the left side of page. Here you find the “CHANGE HEADER” button. The recommended dimensions should be 1252×626 and not exceed a file size of 5MB.

Direction #4

When you click CHANGE HEADER, the FILE UPLOAD box will appear. Select your Image and click OPEN

Direction #5

You will see the image thumbnail in the next box, now exit from the page after pressing “SAVE CHANGES” button at the bottom.
That’s it!

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