How To Change Theme Of Your Gmail Account

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Display is very important every and in everything because it put a lot of impact on the look of nay thing. Another thing which is important related to the display is that people do not like a constant look that’s why people give a new design to their homes every year and some people also want every new model of Android smartphone in their hands, because they feel bad always picking same phone in the hand. The same case is with the design and display of the Gmail, although gmail have an easy to use and user friendly and good looking display, but people always wish to have a new design or background in their gmail account. So, if you wish the same than we have a simple solution for your this problem, just follow the steps below which will describe how to change theme of your Gmail Account.


Change Theme Of Your Gmail



1: Go to Your Gmail Account

First thing you have to do just type in the address bar of the web browser and let it go. After going their just sign in to your gmail account. After this move your eye on the right side of the screen where you will see a “Settings” like “Wheel”. Click on this wheel then you will see some further options there. There will be options of themes second from below side, click on it. After this a new page will open showing different themes.

2: Select the Theme you want to set:

There in the theme showcase you will see different options for the themes, like color themes, HD themes, Custom themes and Classic themes. Just click on the theme which you want to set there, you theme will be set in few seconds and then you will also see a confirmation term at the top middle of the screen.

Custom Themes can also be added into this list of themes, pictures in the hard disk of your computer can also work as themes. So, to add theme or picture of your own choice just click on the “Change your background Image” in the custom theme menu.

Then you will see different options, which will include, picture from your photos, from URL, from your Phone, from your computer and other. Choose any from them and upload photo of your choice, which you want to set as your gmail background. After the picture been uploaded, it will be automatically added to the gmail background. You can also change the color density by clicking on the dark and light in the custom theme menu there, That’s it.

So, this is the method describing “how to change theme of your Gmail Account, we hope this tutorial will help you a lot, with the help of this you can change the background image or theme of your gmail account. So, you can change the design of your Gmail account whenever you want. Just stay in touch with us because there is coming more and never forget to drop a comment here.

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