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How To Change Theme Of Tumblr Dashboard Using Chrome

Tumblr one of the most popular social networks in the internet, its a combo social and blogging platform. Professional bloggers also use this blogging platform due to its simplicity and some good features. There is one thing interesting in the nature of human that it does not feel happy with the same thing all the time, it try to be different all the time. Same case is here with the tumblr users, if you do not like the existing style of your tumblr dashboard then you can change it if you want to do so in some simple steps. Today we are going to tell you how to change theme of Tumblr using Chrome. Below is the complete step by step guide to it.

How to Change Theme Of Tumblr Dashboard Using Chrome

How to Change Theme Of Tumblr Dashboard Using Chrome

1: Go To Chrome Web Store

Go to Chrome web store and install a Chrome extension named “Stylish” from there to your Chrome browser, you can find this extension Here. After adding this extension to your Chrome browser go the next point.


 Chrome extension  "Stylish"

Chrome extension “Stylish”

2: Now Find the best theme For You

Now go to this website and find best theme for your tumblr dashboard, after finding the best theme clicking on any and then click on “install with stylish” it will automatically install tumblr dashboard theme into stylish extension. After adding any theme you tumblr dashboard design will be automatically changed but if you have added more then one theme then you can click on the “Stylish Extension” button to enable and disable themes. From this website you can also find Google and Firefox themes too.

How to Change Theme Of Tumblr Dashboard Using Chrome - step by step guide

How to Change Theme Of Tumblr Dashboard Using Chrome – step by step guide

For Google and Firefox the process is same, the complete step by step guide is shown visually in the screen shot below.  So this is the way you can change theme of Tumblr dashboard using chrome browser, through this way you can not only change the style of your Tumblr dashboard but you can also change the style of Google and Firefox home, through way you will be able to set the different design every time you want to change. So you will have different styled Google, tumblr and Firefox every time you want. Just follow all of the step to get the right result. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.



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