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How To Add Recent Posts in 404 Error Page in WordPress

404 error page in wordpress are one of the biggest mistakes of the webmasters. These 404 errors usually comes when someone came to your site with the link which does not exist in your site. There could be many reasons behind this 404 error pages, for example, you may have changed the permalink, that slug does not belong to your website, or you may have changed the category or tag slug. But isn’t it a bad thing to let anyone go without any help? Yes it is because when people came to your website, its mean they are interested in something and they are looking for something. So why not you show some other useful related content of your website to check out. By this way you will not only be able to help that visitor but you will also get more page views for your website. So rather then having an empty 404 error page you should add links to fresh post there. Below is the way to add  fresh posts in 404 error page.

First of all Install this Plugin

Yes you don’t need any coding skills to add recent posts in 404 error page. Just install custom 404 error page plugin in your WordPress site and follow the steps below.


1. You to Custom 404 error dashboard after installing from the menu as shown in the picture below.

custom 404 error page plugin in menu

custom 404 error page plugin in menu

2. First fill out the text and font settings which you want to use for giving 404 error page in wordpress message. First select the font for the error title then after that select the color for the text and then write the title in your own words. Rest of things will be done by the plugins itself.

Font and text settings

Font and text settings

3. Add links for fresh post and their titles as shown in the picture below. This is optional if you don’t do this the plugin will automatically add fresh posts in 404 error page.

4. You can also change the background color, pattern and the image. After all of the settings your 404 error page will look like below.

look of the 404 error page

look of the 404 error page

Tips to stop 404 error page in wordpress

1. Use Google webmaster tools to monitor 404 errors and fix them.
2. Also monitor incoming links and contact their staff if those are invalid links.
3. Set you post slugs better enough, so they don’t require further editing.
4. Don’t remove your old posts.

So this is way to add recent posts to your 404 error page in wordpress. This way you will be able to save others time and will also able to prevent unexpected situation. Also follow the tips to 404 error page in wordpress.



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