Google+ Tutorial for Beginners

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You may not have an account on Google+ yet because you think that Facebook and Twitter are enough for you. Well, you have your own mind to think but one thing that you must consider is that, Google+ is not just another social network but it is a social media website started by the most powerful and most used search engine Google. This makes it quite clear that you need to have a profile at Google+ if you want to keep yourself alive in social media world.

Here, we are going to share a simple guide for those who are new to Google+. This guide will help you understand more about this great social media network and how to get into it.

If you haven’t signed up for Google+ so far then you can do this easily by visiting their start page. If you have a current Google account then you can use it to sign up for Google+. However, if you don’t have a Google profile then you will be required to create a new Google account in order to access Google+. Make sure that you are creating your Google+ profile by using your personal Google account because a shared account is not a best option for a personal Google+ profile.
While signing up, Google+ will ask you to enter our first and last name. Your profile will be created only if you want to open up a personal Google+ account and keep in mind that they have a strict name policy too. So, keep in mind that you enter your real first and last name to get your application approved. In next step, you will be asked to upload a photo. A good idea is to use the same photo that you are already using on other social media networks like Twitter and Facebook etc.


Once, you have signed up for Google+, a search will be conducted to find your Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo contacts on Google+. If you want, you can skip this step too.

Next, you will find Google+ suggestions page.

A good idea is to follow all the suggested people and add them in circles before we move over to next step of profile completion.

Google+ Profile Creation

You would want to fill everything properly here because this is how you will appear in front of other people. Add comprehensive and accurate information about you.


Take the Google+ Tour!

It will be a good idea to take a Google+ tour because you will learn how to use this social network and how to change and edit your profile.

Using the Google+ Search Bar

Using the Google+ Search Bar
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Using the Google+ Search Bar

You can find a search bar at the top of Google+. If you want to find people that keep posting on the topics you are interested in then this is a great tool for you. I would recommend you not to waste any time and start engaging with people about the topics of your interest. With the passage of time, you will learn a lot of about Google+ that is not stated here in this beginners guide.


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