Google Pakistan Hacked & Defaced By Turkish Hacker

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Many of the people who were trying to access were not able to find Google anywhere. It is speculated that for a short period of time, Google’s Pakistani website was hacked by some unknown hackers. Usually, information about hackers is displayed on the screen when they hack some website but in this case, it is not clear that which hands are behind the hacking of Google Pakistan.



Though, it is clear that the website was hacked only for a few minutes but obviously, the hack was noticed by millions of people as everyone in Pakistan types the Google address by default in their browser while accessing internet. The screen shot below, clearly shows that the logo of Google and the search bar was not visible at all.

Google Pakistan website hacked
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Google Pakistan website hacked


Still, we are not sure who hacked the website but rumors are here that Turkish hackers are behind this case. All he messages on website were written in some foreign language not known by natives of the country.

Initially, the website was hacked for only a few minutes but throughout the day, Google and hackers have been playing hide and seek. We tried to access the website at different times throughout the day and found mixed results. At times, the website was up working fine but the very next moment, it was down again. At this moment, the website is working completely fine but who knows what is going to happen next.

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