4 Cool Tips to get Targeted Traffic Free

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One of the biggest challenges of online marketing is to get targeted traffic and Facebook likes. You can advertise your business on the internet, share links everywhere, bring a lot of traffic on your website/ blog but if that is random traffic, it will do nothing good for your site/ business. In any form of business, you always need targeted customers. You need such customers, who are willing to buy your products and are not just visiting your website to see what cool stuff is available there. If you are running a blog/website/ Facebook page and you need targeted traffic and Facebook likes from specific countries then you can achieve that goal easily by following the tips given below.

4 Cool Tips to get Targeted Traffic Free

Learn about the culture of countries you are targeting


If I’m sitting in USA and want to sell my product to customers in UK, I will have to learn the way they talk. We all know that American accent and British accent are quite different and in order to covey your message, you need to learn how your customers speak. You should also try to learn the culture of your targeted country and share related stuff on your blog/ Facebook page. This will give an impression to your fans that you really know about their country and they can always find useful information about their homeland on your blog/ Facebook page.

Keep eye on latest trends happening in your targeted countries

You should be very active on the internet and social media so you can learn about the latest trends in your targeted countries. If there is traditional event happening in one your targeted countries, try to cover that event and share news about it with your fans/ readers. This will help you build trust with them and of course, once your customers will trust you, they will also buy products from you. Twitter is a good source of finding about latest trends in different countries. Facebook has also recently introduced #tag feature like Twitter and you can also use it to learn more about a particular trend.

Make as many friends from your targeted countries as possible

There is one more thing that you should do while running your online business and trying to get targeted traffic and Facebook likes. You should try to make as many friends from your targeted countries as possible. If your targeted market is UK and you have many friends from that country, you can definitely learn many new things about the culture, traditions and local events. This will help you engage in a better way with your customers too.

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Wish them on events related to their countries – get Targeted Traffic Free

I have repeated this point before and I will repeat it again that you need to take care of your customers/ fans. If any religious or local even is happening in one of your targeted countries, don’t forget to wish them for it. This will help you build trust with them and sell more of your products in the long run.


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