5 Gadgets for Lazy People


Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:05 am

Who doesn’t like a life made easier by the use of machines and devices which were once only dreamed of. Need to go somewhere no need to walk the miles, just ride a bike or bus. Need to call somebody? Who now has time for writing extensive letters. Just pick a phone up and dial the number. There’s no end to the amount of gadgets being used for different tasks which were once done manually. Keeping in view these rising trends towards gadgets being used all over for doing tasks we have compiled a list of “gadgets for lazy people”. If you think of yourself as lazy, read on.


5 Gadgets for Lazy People

Gadget # 1 : Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic vacuum cleaner or more commonly known as robovoc is a robotic vacuum cleaner. Which has an autonomous operative system. This in turn allows it to run around on it’s own without you having to worry about what the device may do and how it may do it. Although this is a good invention but it has a drawback which accounts for the limited capacity of cleaning.


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Gadget # 2 :  Self Stirring Mug

Too lazy to bother with stirring sugar in your coffee? Don’t worry there now is a gadget which will do this for you. This self stirring mug is an ideal pick for our list of gadgets for lazy people. The only drawback which this spectacular device has is that it can only run on batteries. And no rechargeable options are yet available in the market. If you don’t mind running out of batteries now and then, feel free to get yourself this mug.


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Gadget # 3 :  Clap on Clap off Lights

Not only does this gadget save time but also the efforts of getting out of the bed just to switch on or off a light. This system runs on acoustic aids and can be either programmed to respond to claps or a certain catch phrase. Which if uttered will switch on or switch off the lights depending upon what is required.


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Gadget # 4 :  Smart Phone

Not only have smart phones now become a need of masses, but they also serve purposes which make them an ideal pick for somebody prone to having long periods of laziness. You can now control so many things like security locks to your home, turning lights on and off, draw on the go and even make video calls on the go. All these cool features and many more make this device an ideal pick for a lazy person.


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Gadget # 5 :  Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic or solar powered lawn mower is yet again an invention worth mentioning in a list of gadgets for lazy people. This lawn mower runs on solar energy or batteries depending on the one you choose to use. And of course come with various designs and some settings which once fed into it, turn this lawn mower into a robot of sort who runs on your commands and mows your lawn for you. That right there is the definition of cool.


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These gadgets for lazy people and many more like these are in high demand and have been making life easier for people.

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