5 Best Gadgets for Fashion Designers


Fashion designing is an emerging field which has as many aspects as any other. We have observed and seen the use of technology in different fields ranging. The gadgets which have been developed are seen being used in various settings which very from lab work, house tech, offices, schools, entertainment industry to travelling industry. Fashion industry is no less influenced by technology. Different gadgets have now made it easier to work in this setting. We have compiled a list of “best gadgets for fashion designers” which will for sure help them do tasks with ease and speed. Want to know what these are? Read on!

5 Best Gadgets for Fashion Designers

Gadget # 1 : Cintiq 12WX Pen Display


A must have for every designer. This is a drawing tablet which will help the user draw to his or her heart’s content. With this multi-touch drawing tablet, designing will be a whole new experience. Not only will this be a definite upgrade for the designer in you but this gadget also works well with Photoshop making it easier to edit your images. These gadgets can be obtained on various prices ranging up to $2600.


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Gadget # 2 : Inkling

This is a really cool pick for all those creative designers out there. While other gadgets may come as tablets, this one let’s the user draw on paper. And digitalizes the files as they are drawn, saving them as image files which are compatible with various apps like Illustrator and Photoshop. How cool is that? The sheer coolness of this make it one of the best gadgets for fashion designers. Because we all know drawing is the key to designing.


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Gadget # 3 : Belkin Conserve Valet

Running out of batteries mid creative fit on your e-canvas are every designer’s nightmare. Fear not for this conserve valet is the answer to that very problem. This is a docking station which is not only smart looking but also has up to four USB ports making it possible for you to charge your tools one at a time. What’s even cooler is that it does not need manual plugging out. As it automatically turns off once the battery is full. a gadget which could definitely be invested in.


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Gadget # 4 : Instax Mini 7s Camera

Who doesn’t want a retro, stylish camera which could give instant photos? This instant camera is stylish and has a retro touch to it because of the whole Polaroid angle. With this instant camera the designer in you can now quench that never ending thirst to gather everything retro. Sleek, chic and works. A good pick for designers out there. Create a master piece and save it by clicking an instant image.


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Gadget # 5 : Fitness Trackers

All that arduous work and no exercise coupled with copious food could definitely be a health risk. Therefore getting a fitness tracker or band when you know you’ll be working for hours on your new project is definitely a good pick. Count your calories burnt, monitor your heart rate, record your activities, do it all and stay fit.


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