Film Industries In The World, One Of The Best Businesses

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Film Industries In The World, One Of The Best Businesses
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The film industries in the world consists of film production, companies, film studios, cinematography, screenwriting, actors, directors, film crew and many more. Hollywood, is one of the oldest film industry and largest in terms of revenue in the world, due to its fame and historical center of movies stars, it is famous in all around the world. The Academy Awards are held in February/March of every year, honoring the preceding year in film.


In Europe, Hollywood which is most powerful among the all of the film industries in the world always dominates the cinema scene. On average, 80% of all films shown in cinemas are products of Hollywood factory. Even in France, American films continue to dominate, for this reason Hollywood, developed a strong and interesting story and detailed dramaturgical structure. Hollywood knows, how a $19 million movie makes $150 million. here’s an example, Avatar, an American movie, who can make a business of $760,507,625 and remains on the top of the list, similarly Titanic makes a profit of $658,672,302 and on second position, from these two simple examples, one can understand the profit ratio of Hollywood movies due to its vast distribution network around the world.

Parallel to Hollywood, there is Bollywood which is also one of the popular film industries in the world, Indian film industry is the second largest in the world in terms of revenue and also the largest film producer country in the world. In 2009, India produced a total of 2961 films in a single year. The economic contribution of the Indian Film and Television Industry in the growth of its country were over USD 7.7 billion in year. These are expected to grow at a rate of 11.5% per year, reaching a size of over USD 13.2 billion.

The first feature film was “Raja Harishchandra” who was made by Dadasaheb Phalke in 1913 (a silent movie) and now being the largest film producing country making over 1100 films every year (Hollywood makes 700). Most films are made in Hindi, Telugu, and in other languages. The industry size is estimated around US$ 4 billion, including 70% revenue from ticket sales, 8% overseas rights, 8% music rights, 8% TV, DVD rights etc and about 4% from Hollywood films either dubbed or original.

Most Hollywood producers like Sony, Warner and Disney prefer to make local films for Indian market because it is hard to ignore fourteen million Indians who go to the movies on a daily basis (about 1.4% of the population of 1 billion) for watching movies. So, both film industries have joined their hands to promote cinema in the world. This is very big market which is only in one subcontinent including Pakistan.


It is commonly considered that, Hollywood movie of 60 to 90 minutes costs on an average of US$ 75 million to make, whereas Bollywood makes a 140 to 160 minutes movie at an average of US$2.5 million (excluding marketing cost). Each has its big spender list every year like Avatar (USD 300 Million) and Jodha Akbar (USD 15 Million).


The stars of are very famous in country and highly paid. The number one star in a film often receives as much as 40% for the indian film. These Stars may be in such high demand that they’re working on ten films at once.


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