Facebook Trusted Friends Account Recovery Feature

Facebook Trusted Friends
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 01:37 am

Facebook recently rolled out its new account recovery feature known as trusted friend feature which allows user to select three to five trusted contacts from its friend list so that he/she can send codes for account recovery. Although this feature was brought by Facebook in October 2011 but it was since then in testing phase. This feature wasn’t available to user up to last year i.e. 2012. But it was launched fully functioning on 2nd of March 2013. This trusted friend feature of Facebook is certainly more secure than other account recovery options like security question method or email account recovery method. This feature is available in security setting feature in the Facebook account.


Steps to Recover Your Account

If a user’s account has been compromised or it has been hacked then he/she can use this new account recovery feature. For this he/she has to add three trusted contacts to his/her account i.e. this feature must be enabled before. Here the Facebook warns a user to make sure that trusted contacts are those close friends whom you can call for help to get back into your account. After the account has been compromised or you have lost your password then you can send the codes to your friends on Facebook and ask him/her the code received. After entering the codes you will have to enter the new password which is much stronger than previous one and must be different from the previous one.

Facebook Trusted Friends
Facebook Trusted Friends

Can You Really Trust Your Friends?

This feature looks mesmerising in the current circumstances but it can be abusive or mischievous tool for a user unless and until the friends on Facebook are cool or very trustworthy. The world is full of people who at one or other time try to dig into other’s Facebook account. One should always make sure that he/she never tries to upset his/her trusted contacts. Today safety breaches are a common problem as most of the multinational companies are suffering from this. Although it has been redesigned adding a bit of extra security than the previous segment of this feature. In the previous testing phase a friend could have easily hacked your account if he wanted to. The problem is that if one of your trusted friends wants to hack your account he/she can easily do it on its own conditioning that he/she can easily convince other two to give the code received.

Hence comes the main part of this feature to who you can trust? Obviously the point is that trust those only for whom you are confident that they will not wind-up you. Don’t rely on those friends who doesn’t use Facebook regularly or who are fond of criticizing the social networking sites or who are profoundly mixed up in it. An Elegant advancement in choosing the friends can be selecting those who don’t like each other. We all know that safety breaches are the constantly-present dilemma in the social media and it will continue forever irrespective of the security advancements. By rolling out the two stage authentication element and using a network of contacts, Facebook has added an additional level of security.

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