4 Creative Marketing ideas with Facebook Pages

Creative Marketing Ideas with Facebook Pages
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Last updated January 15th, 2015 at 12:58 am

If we talk about social media networks on the internet then the discussion cannot even get started without mentioning Facebook. There is no doubt that Facebook is the most successful, powerful and famous social media website of today. Not only a person can use Facebook to socially connect with his friends, colleagues and family members but a person can also use Facebook to advertise about his business and bring more customers as well. In this post, we are going to discuss about some of the “creative Facebook marketing ideas” that can be implanted by anyone to bring more business towards their online website.


Creative Marketing Ideas with Facebook Pages

4 Creative Marketing ideas with Facebook Pages

Idea # 1 : Start a Give Away

We all know that the products that you sell on your website are not for free and you should never offer those products/ services to anyone without any charge. However, giving away 4-5 samples of your products for free is not an expensive trade to bring hundreds of new customers towards your business. It seems that give-away promotion is the latest in trend marketing strategy used by Facebook pages. So, if you have any product that you would like to promote on the internet then you can start a simple giveaway for that product on your Facebook page.

Idea # 2 : Start a Contest

People like to participate in contests. We all have joined so many Facebook pages and we keep seeing different posts from those pages on our walls. How many times do you actually comment on a post that is appearing on your wall from a random Facebook Page that you have liked? I guess, you don’t normally comment on any of those posts unless there is something really interesting about them. However, if there is a contest, the urge to win over others will motivate you to participate in it and keep following the contest unless final results are out. You can do same thing with your Facebook page as well. Your fans would love to participate in a healthy contest.

Idea # 3 : Ask Questions and Give Rewards

You can ask different questions about your business from your Facebook fans and give rewards to those who provide you with right answers. In this way, you will achieve two things. One, you will get to know how many users know about your products/ services and secondly, you will be able to embark curiosity among your fans so they go ahead and learn more things about your business. This strategy has worked for me many times thus I would recommend you to start asking interesting questions from your fans and offer them rewards upon giving the right answer.

Idea # 4 : Provide Discounts On Promoting Your Facebook Page

This is another great way to market your business on the internet. You can simply ask your fans to promote your page on Facebook. In guidelines, you can write that the fan who will promote the page on most places will be offered discounts on their next purchase or you can also offer them a free product/ service.

All the above marketing methods are really great and they work too. If you have any question in your mind, don’t forget to ask us in the comments section.

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