Cool Party Ideas for New Year 2016

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In most of the cases, we plan a get to gather with friends in order to celebrate New Year’s Eve. However, if you want to be the host this time or party planner then you need to know about some cool New Year party idea. In this post, I will be talking about some of theCool Party Ideas for New Year 2016 that you can implement in order to have a great time with your friends and enter 2016 with spirit and enthusiasm.


Cool Party Ideas for New Year 2016

Wild Cocktail Party

Celebrating New Year means that your guest will not be coming to the venue just to sit around and chat with each other. You can decorate the tables with funky colors and decoration stuff like funky hats, tiaras, party poppers, streamers and noisemakers. Oh, and we all know that guests at your party will go crazy while drinking and in case if any kissing activity is going to happen, a better idea would be to put mints on each table as well. Don’t forget to keep some packs of mints in bathroom too.

In order to give a wild start to the party, you should keep a large bowl of party poppers just beside the front door. In this way, as the guests keep on arriving, they not only get a gift but also a best way to start a conversation as well. They will be required to look for someone in order to open the popper and do the stuff that is written in that piece of paper.

Keep everything organized and food should be placed at as many places as possible in order for your guests to find what they want to eat easily.

Glitzy Dinner Party

This is kind of a party that puts more focus towards romance and that is the main reason you should lit candles in your home. A good idea will be to turn off the lights and welcome your guest in the candle lights. This will also help you hide any mess that is present in that part of the house. Once all the guest have arrived, blow the candles to tell your guests that dinner is ready so they should keep moving towards dinner table.

You want to give a glitzy professional look to this party and for that purpose, make sure that the dinner table is equipped with appropriate accessories like napkins, charges, napkin holders, vases and runners. This will give a good theme and look to the New Year’s party.

Sophisticated Brunch

If you couldn’t get a chance to throw New Year’s Eve party for your friends then don’t worry at all because the first day of every New Year is a public holiday. You can invite your friends over for a sophisticated brunch. This is actually a really cool idea and since it will be the first day of New Year, no one will be in hurry that will give you a good chance to have wonderful brunch with your loved friends and family members.

How do you normally celebrate your New Year? Do you have any cool party idea in your mind? Let us know about it in the comments section below, we will put in the list of Cool Party Ideas for New Year 2016.


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