6 Unique Cool Kitchen Gadgets


If you think your modern kitchen has everything it needs,think again. We have found some of the strangest,most unique and “cool kitchen gadgets” ever made. Consider blowing some of your money on these worthy splurges. These cool kitchen gadgets are made for whose who appreciate both style and function.

6 Unique Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadget # 1 : Towlhub


What is so unique about the towlhub except for its spelling? Well,this ordinary- looking paper towel holder also features for USB port that you can use to charge your gadgets. Just be careful with it. Water and gadgets don’t generally work well together, so you will have to be careful when reaching for a paper towel. Another great thing about Towlhub is that for his topper also functions as a wine stopper. Talk about convenience!


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Kitchen Gadget # 2 : Portable Toaster

Imagine how great it work be if you have a warm piece of toast on your way to work. You wouldn’t even have to worry about missing breakfast if you are late. Just take a portable toaster with you and make a toast anywhere you want,whether in your car or on your desk.


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Kitchen Gadget # 3 : Kickball Ice Cream Maker

Have you ever tried to make your own ice cream? if you have, you would know how much stirring it requires.In fact, to much stirring. Well, know you can take the stirring out of the ou of the equation with this kickball.Just fill it up with all the ice cream ingredients,take it to your yard and kick the ball around. After you have enjoyed your little family time, you can have some delicious ice cream to enjoy. And you wan’t even feel bad about eating it. After all, a fair amount of exercise went into making it,right?


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Kitchen Gadget # 4 : Selfie Toaster

Here’s another cool toaster that takes your toast to a whole another level. Now you have the choice of either making a plain old toast or making a toast with your face on it. Why would any one choose the first option? you can now have your face burnt on every toast that is made in your house for as long for as the toaster lasts.


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Kitchen Gadget # 5 : Smokey The Silencer

Every one knows someone who is so bad at cooking that the kitchen fills with smoke when ever they try to cook.In fact, it would be almost funny if it were not for the annoying smoke detector that goes of  every time they cook. Here’s the perfect gift you can give to that person: smokey the silencer. Although this remote control smoke detector silencer can’t help with there culinary deficiencies, it can at least help make their cooking a little less stressful.


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Kitchen Gadget # 6 : Touch Free Faucet Kit

Have you always wanted to fancy touch free faucet you see on those home renovation shows, but couldn’t because of its price? Well, Here’s a nice alternative. This touch free faucet kit can be attached to most standard faucet heads and a sensor on the kit can detect when your hands are under it,letting water flow through it until you remove your hands.


which one is your favorite ?

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