10 Cheap & Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse (Oct. 2017) Under 20$

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Are you looking latest “best budget gaming mouse 2017”/18, we share with you new and most useful and high quality wireless mouse under 20$.



Check below the list of best cheap wireless gaming mouse 2017

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse (Oct. 2017)

Mouse NameWeightSensorButtons 
AFUNTA Zelotes Wireless Mouse4.8 ouncesOptical7Check Price
TENMOS X96 Wireless Gaming Mouse3.53 ouncesOptical6Check Price
VicTsing Ergonomic Wireless Mouse3 ounces 7Check Price
EagleTec MG010 Wireless Gaming Mouse2.4 ounces 7Check Price
Habor Wireless Mouse Laptop Mouse4.8 ounces4Check Price
Habor Wireless Mouse 2.4G5.6 ouncesOptical7Check Price
Pictek Wireless Gaming Mouse4.2 ounces 7Check Price
Pictek 2400DPI Adjustable Gaming Mouse4 ounces 7Check Price
TeckNet Wireless Gaming Mouse3 ounces Optical 8Check Price
VicTsing Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse3.2 ouncesOptical 6Check Price

#1. AFUNTA Zelotes –  Wireless Mouse

If you spend hours working on your laptop, the AFUNTA Zelotes offers you the best handling options along with the latest gaming features.

This product is efficient and claims that it is the fastest mouse in the market. Moreover, customers around the world have appreciated the intelligence, comfortability and durability of the product.

Main Features

This stylish computer mouse is equipped with LED lights along with highly efficient sensors. The design of the product enables the user to comfortably control the sensor. AFUNTA Zelotes is among the few computer mice which are configured with the help of the latest technology to provide the best gaming options.


  • The product size is 130 x 86 x 39 mm.
  • The product is enabled with 7 different buttons.
  • The device works without CD; just plug and play.

#2. TENMOS X96 – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you are looking for a stylish and fancy computer mouse, the TENMOS X96 is the perfect option. It is equipped with all gaming features and is highly recommended for diehard gamers.

Extensive features within an affordable price is the best advantage that you can get. Many professional gamers have recommended this to gaming zones.

Main Features

The product offers 7 LED color changes, which turn the product more stylish. High durability of the battery is also a major reason for its high sale. The competitive sensor along with the DPI-free switch is the rarest feature in the mouse.


  • The product is configured with a built-in rechargeable battery.
  • The gaming mouse is equipped with 6 buttons and 7 LED lights.
  • The product offers silent click.

#3. VicTsing Ergonomic Wireless Mouse for Games

If you are a professional programmer and enjoy playing games, VicTsing is a great option. This mouse has been designed to provide the user with the best handling options which minimize hand pressure and prevent any hand injury.

High durability of the battery along with the power-efficient chip will help you make your life easier.

Main Features

The product is designed for professional individuals who not only are gamers but also spend a large amount of time working on their tasks. The rubber oil coating makes scrolling easier and comfortable., and the high-quality sensors along with the option to control the speed could help you work on different tasks at a time.


  • The product is enabled with the auto switch-off function.
  • It has two side keys.
  • It can be easily switched between 5 DPIs.

#4. EagleTec MG010 Wireless Gaming Mouse

The EagleTec MG010 is widely accepted due to its efficiency with compatible market price. This mouse is simple and provides the user with fast and clutter-free gaming options. Many customers around the world have praised the product due to its high efficiency with programming and gaming.

Main Features

EagleTec offers high durability and reliability to its customers. The LED indicators make it more stylish and presentable as compared to other hardware. You can play for a long time without getting any injury due to its comfortable design.


  • Allows user to change the DPI setting.
  • The product is equipped with high-quality sensors.
  • It has been manufactured in a way that it is highly power efficient.

#5. Habor Wireless Mouse

The Habor Wireless Mouse offers a wide range of options which could make your life easier as a gamer. The mouse responds quickly, efficiently and accurately which enables comfortable gaming. Besides its stylish body, with multi-color LED lights, the mouse is offered at an affordable price.

Main Features

The product is specially designed for the gamers so that its comfortable handling provides the user with peace of mind so that their ultimate focus remains on the game. The mouse offers a transmission distance of up to 10 meters.


  • The product is configured with three LED buttons, which help you control the lights.
  • Left and right buttons for gaming features.
  • Enables the USB nano receiver.


#6. Habor 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse

This computer mouse is specially preferred by professional gamers who are on a budget. The product is designed in a way that it fits naturally in the hands. Moreover, the stylish body with LED lights enables efficient control in the dark.

Main Features

This mouse is equipped with precision control with 5 DPI settings and adjustable speed. Its strong body makes it a solid gaming mouse. Moreover, the product is equipped with the USB nano receiver which can be stored at the back of the mouse.


  • The product is configured with advanced 2.4G two-way wireless technology.
  • The transmission distance is up to 12 meters.
  • Equipped with the efficient energy-saving chip.


#7. Pictek 2400DPI Adjustable 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse

Pictek offers quality features for casual gamers. This wireless mouse is configured to ensure the best basic features with a stylish body. The product is mainly used in home, internet cafes and libraries.

Main Features

The computer mouse offers a two-way wireless technology and enables 7 buttons which assist the user in terms of basic programmable features. The product is configured to function with less power and has a transmission distance up to 10 meters.


  • The product offers 5 DPI levels (800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2400).
  • The computer mouse is configured with LED lights.

#8. Pictek 2400DPI Adjustable Gaming Mouse

The comfort and feel of the Pictek 2400DPI are amazing. This mouse has great reviews on different websites. It is a stylish gaming mouse with the latest gaming functions. The mouse is introduced for entry-level causal gamers and is not recommended for professionals.

Main Features

This mouse offers advanced programmable buttons including a “sniper” button. However, a few side buttons are non-functional with the Mac OS.

The product is configured to offer customers with a cheap and quality mouse with limited gaming features for beginners.


  • The device offers the plug-and-play feature (no driver required).
  • The computer mouse is configured with the ultra-fast 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
  • Multi-stage power-saving mode.

#9. TeckNet Ultimate Professional Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you are a game enthusiastic, TeckNet is the best option. This mouse enables the best gaming experience. Whether it’s about attacking, smashing or running, the mouse will be your best partner. The product has an ergonomic and beautiful design which makes the product easy to handle and presentable.

Main Features

TeckNet is another great option for diehard gamers. The product can be easily adjustable with your PC’s configuration.

The computer mouse is configured with 8 responsive buttons which control the sensors and enable several gaming options.


  • The mouse is equipped with a 4000 DPI sensor.
  • Extremely sleek design provides a better grip.
  • The mouse has a low-battery indicator so that you can charge it in time.

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#10. VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse

The most important thing about the hardware is how you feel using it. If you wish to have a standard mouse with wireless connectivity, the VicTsing MM057 is the best option. Besides its beautiful design and skin-friendly finish, it increases the working distance.

Main Features

The VicTsing MM057 is configured with 5 adjustable CPI which allows the user to change the cursor sensitivity. Hence, whether you are programming or gaming, it is the best option.

The device is compatible with a wide range of operating systems which are being commonly used in the 21st century. Moreover, the mouse automatically switches to sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity.


  • Easily change sensitivity to 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, or 2400 DPI depending on the activity
  • The computer mouse is powered by 1 AA battery.
  • The device is configured with 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
  • Easily works with desktops, laptops, and MacBooks.


There are many different kinds of mice in the market today. If you are a professional or casual gamer, having a good mouse is essential. However, many gaming mice are quite expensive in today’s market and just because a mouse is extremely expensive doesn’t mean that it would be equipped with the essential gaming features.

The mice mentioned above are configured with the latest features along with a stylish and presentable body. Among them, AFUNTA Zelotes is the most comfortable, quick and responsive to use. Furthermore, it has good Amazon ratings and is available under $20 which is an amazing deal!

Analyze your needs and then decide the best product that suits you the most.