BlueHost VS iPage which is Best Hosting for WordPress

BlueHost VS iPage

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 02:46 am

In my opinion, both iPage and BlueHost are best web hosting companies to host your website. If you are a common user then both companies will offer the same features to you and the minor differences will not matter at all. However, if you are an advanced user like me then you would like to host your website on such web host that offers best services and quality. In this post, I’m going to review the services offered by BlueHost and iPage.


A brief overview about BlueHost and iPage

One thing that you need to know about iPage and BlueHost is that, both these companies have been working in the industry since a long time. BlueHost started its operations in 1996 and iPage started working in 1995. It means that both these companies are one of the oldest web hosting companies available today. Due to this reason, no matter with which hosting company you go, you will not end up making a wrong decision. However, over the passage of time, BlueHost has made some great advancement as they have more than 400 employees at the moment. They also own 5,000 servers on which millions of websites are hosted. The number of servers owned by iPage is unknown but they have only 60 employees which makes BlueHost a larger company as compared to iPage.

BlueHost VS iPage
BlueHost VS iPage

BlueHost has earned a better reputation in the market as compared to iPage. You will often find iPage customers complaining about different issues but BlueHost customers enjoy superior customer support if any issue arises.

Comparison of Web Hosting Features between BlueHost and iPage

If you will opt for hosting plan offered by BlueHost of iPage, you will get the opportunity to register a free domain name or transfer one existing domain to their servers. The disk space offered by both companies is unlimited along with email account. iPage can only support PHP version 5.2.9 whereas, BlueHost can support PHP version 5.3.10 and 5.2.17 too. BlueHost also support many other languages like Python, Ruby on Rails and Perl. You can enjoy making unlimited MySQL databases with the services of both these companies.

Customer Support

It is very important for a web hosting company to offer superior customer support. Both these companies offer 24/7 customer support but the best analysis of customer support can only be made by talking to their customers. While collecting data, we contacted around 250 BlueHost customers and majority of those customers were extremely satisfied with the services offered by BlueHost. On the other hand, the same number of iPage customers was contacted but majority of them were not happy with the way iPage was providing its hosting services to them.

Pricing Comparison between BlueHost and iPage

If you will opt for a regular web hosting package by BlueHost, you will have to pay $6.95/ month but with promotional offers, your price can be reduced. Majority of BlueHost customers pay only $3.95/ month. The other company, iPage has a regular price of $3.5/ month but due to their promotional offers, most of the customers pay only $2.95/ month.

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