Black Friday Shopping 2015

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Black Friday-The Thanksgiving Day,  is considered one of the busiest days of the year in the United States of America, it comes before the beginning of the Christmas and on this day the major retailers introduces its promotional sales on all products. This is not an official holiday but many retailers give this day off with Thanksgiving. Alternatively Black Friday indicates the point at which retailers begin to make a profit.

In 2015, Wal-Mart and many other retailers announced that they would their stores at 8.00 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday shopping is popular for its aggressive crowd and throngs of people trampling on other shoppers in an attempt to get the best deal on a product before the stocks end.


Black Friday Shopping 2015

Advertising Top Sites

Most of the websites starts offering Thanksgiving specials up to a month in advance as a sales strategy. Many popular retailers including Wal-Mart, OfficeMax and Staples etc., have claimed that through the advertisement they send in advance of Black Friday gives a huge business for them. Now in this article you find out some of the retailers promos on this Black Friday 2015 below.

Apple’s Black Friday 2015 Sale

On 23rd of November, the Apple Company announced its special discount offer on iPads, iPods, MacBooks and other accessories. For instance, users can get $41 off on iPads, $31 off on iPod Touch and among several other deals. The most attractive Apple’s price cut is on Laptops, this includes $101 off on a $1,699 MacBooks Pro with retina display and similarly $101 off on a $999 MacBooks Air. There was no discount seen on any iPhone models just like last year.

Amazon Black Friday Deals 2015

Amazon also reduced its price on Black Friday deals; with the main attractions such as cheap as $4 off on Blu-rays, Video games and music. Amazon also offered a general discount on television and electronics items that are worth checking out too.

Wal-Mart Black Friday Shopping 2015

Everyone has been waiting for Wal-Mart front page deals show. With three events starting, event first starts at 8 p.m. With family specials, second event starts at 10 pm for gadgets and lastly third event starts at 5 am on Black Friday on 23rd November with maximum discount deals on televisions, cloths and jewelry etc. You can start buying these products online and also get cash back prizes from the retailer. However, due to the heavy customer presence, two people were shot outside a Wal-Mart in Florida during dispute over a parking space.

It is unable to explain all the discount deals offered by the retailers on Black Friday in a single article. Now here you can submit your comment about your shopping experience on Black Friday and share with us how you find this Black Friday festival 2015.


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