6 Stealthiest and best Spy Gadgets


Every spy has a myriad of the stealthiest and “best spy gadgets” to help them listen in on conversations and shoot videos stealthily. If you want to be the next James Bond, you will need the best spy gadgets you can get. Although you won’t be getting any Aston Martins for your work or fighting off bad guys, you can at least arm yourself with gadgets. Here are the stealthiest and best spy gadgets we could find.

6 Stealthiest and best Spy Gadgets

Gadget # 1 : Spy Pen Camera


You will need to gather evidence as a spy and there’s nothing better for doing this than a tiny camera hidden in an ordinary object. Although this pen may look nothing out of the ordinary, hidden inside it is a 2.8 mm wide-angle camera that can shoot videos as well as a microphone and micro SD card slot.


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Gadget # 2 : Air Freshener 3G Camera

While a spy pen camera may be invaluable when you are on the go, sometimes your enemy may visit you at your home. Fear not, for you can have this air freshener keep an eye on your visitors. This remote monitoring device may look like an air freshener, but it can actually shoot videos which you can see on your phone in real-time over 2G and 3G networks. You can even use this device as a sensor, which can trigger a video call whenever an intruder passes by the air freshener in disguise.


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Gadget # 3 : Pen Document Scanner

When time is of the essence and you have to scan a document on the sly, PlanOn’s convenient pen document scanner can do the job covertly and quickly. This pen-sized document scanner can do the job without needing a computer. Just pass it over a photograph or sheet of paper and it will capture and store the documents in its memory. You can then transfer the documents to any computer via USB or Bluetooth.


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Gadget # 4 : Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer – Best Spy Gadgets

Do you want to scramble cellular signals so that your enemy can’t call backup and you can get out of a tight spot? Or maybe you just want to keep obnoxiously loud mobile users from boring you to death with their useless chatter? This handheld mobile phone jammer, while not being overly covert, can scramble signals at distances of up to 30 m.


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Gadget # 5 : Spy Kite

Are you curious about your neighbor’s land or maybe you just want to take some aerial shots for other harmless reasons? Then, this spy kite has got you covered. It comes with about 80 feet of string and loaded with a digital camera that can take photos via a wireless remote. You can even transfer these photos to your computer through a USB cable. Although this cheap and low-tech gadget may not seem worthy of a top caliber CIA agent, it will make you think twice about any kites flying close to your home.


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Gadget # 6 : Night Vision Monocular – Best Spy Gadgets

Scouting an enemy position at night can be difficult, what with not being able to see properly in the dark. Luckily, a night vision monocular can provide you with the ability to take the darkness out of the equation. It’s not only suitable for espionage, but you can also use it for boating, camping or wildlife observation when you are not on the job.


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