Apple Tablets with Price List 2015


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When talking about quality products Apple is the brand which makes it among the top most contenders for providing the best of products. Apple Inc. was founded in 1976 in Cupertino, California. Ever since it’s foundation Apple has been coming up with products and launches which are not only astounding but also pique interest of masses. Tablets are the new computers everyone is investing in and tablets by Apple are a wonder of their own. Usually referred to as iPads these tablets come in different models with different specs. Given below are some “apple tablets with price list” to make things easier for you.


Apple Tablets with Price List 2015

Apple Tablet # 1 : iPad mini

iPad mini comes with 16 GB storage and has a starting price for the wifi enabled tablet of $249. For the tablet which supports both wifi and open cellular or data packages the starting price is of $379. This particular iPad comes only in 16 GB storage. It has a 7.9” display 1024 x 768 pixels per inch. The rear camera is of 5 MP and it has a support system for nano sim card.


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Apple Tablet # 2 : iPad mini 2

iPad mini 2 has the same features as that of iPad mini. The only upgrade is that it comes with two different storage capacities and has an A7 chip. 16GB and 32GB are the storage capacities being offered. The price for 16 GB storage is $299 and that for 32 GB storage is $349 for only wifi supporting tablets. The price varies from $429 for 16 GB to $479 for 32 GB for the tablets which can run on both wifi and cellular.


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Apple Tablet # 3 : iPad mini 3 –  Apple Tablets with Price List

The specifications and features for this tablet are no different from it’s predecessors. The most obvious difference is it’s availability in three different storage capacities. Whereas iPad mini has A5 chip this comes equipped with A7. It’s available in 16 GB 64 GB and 128 GB. For wifi only 16 GB costs $399, 64 GB is being sold at $499 and 128 GB at $599. For the tablets which run on both wifi and cellular 16 GB is available for $529, 64 GB for $629 and 128 GB is available at $729.


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Apple Tablet # 4 : iPad Air

Among many aspects which are a sure upgrade in this tablet 9.7” display is one. The next most evident difference is the height. 16 GB is available for $399 and 32GB for $449 for wifi only and for wifi and cellular enabled tablet 16 GB is available for $529 and 32 GB for $579. This model however lacks the touch identification sensors which are present in iPad mini 3. This is among the latest tablets available in the market from Apple.


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Apple Tablet # 5 : iPad Air 2 – Apple Tablets with Price List

This is the latest tablet in the series and has some obvious and much needed upgrades which make it an ideal pick. It has 8 MP rear camera and A8X chip with M8 co processor. The model which runs only on wifi is being sold at 16 GB for $499, 64 GB for $599, 128 GB for $699. Whereas the tabs which run on both wifi and cellular packages cost $629, $729, $829 for 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB respectively.


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