Apple and Samsung – Meeting Again In Court

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If you were waiting for a sequel of $1 billion patent fight between world’s top two smartphone making companies aka Apple and Samsung then let me inform you that, the show has started today in federal court. Both the companies are going to fight each other again, this time in San Francisco, about the rights of using vital technology. Samsung is trying to overturn the verdict issued by court in August this year. The court found out that Samsung, a Korean Electronics company, copied the designs of iPhone and iPad which are trade mark products of Apple Inc., a USA based company. Samsung was ordered by court to pay $1 billion to Apple because in more than one dozen products, they had used technology introduced by Apple. On the other hand, Apple wants to add $500 million more to that award now. The lawyers from both companies will start arguing the case in court from today.

Apple and Samsung – Meeting Again In Court
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Apple and Samsung – Meeting Again In Court

One thing that must be mentioned here is that, Apple is highly criticized for outsourcing its manufacturing process to China and Taiwan. Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook also told the news agencies that the latest version of Mac Book Pro will be manufactured in USA but no other details about this development have been shared with media so far. Just yesterday, shares of Apple went down by 6.4 percent which is the biggest one-day-loss for Apple in last 4 years. It is legitimate for Apple to get worried because the tablet PCs running on Google’s Android OS are beating Apple’s iPad in numbers and on the other hand, Apple is losing its popularity in China day by day.


This is really funny that the more customers you get, the more you lose. The latest example is of Pandora which is a website that sells music online. According to reports, the sales of Pandora are going down day by day because they are charging so high from their customers. Same thing is happening with Apple right now. Apple has always been famous for two things, unique devices and high prices. This policy was completely successful at a time when there was very less competition but now Apple needs to understand that there is a lot of competition in the market right now. You cannot simply introduce a product and brag about it being the best one available because you never know, the next day, some other company comes up with a better and improved device.

Another important aspect that must be added in this post about the low sales of Apple’s products is the current economic break down in Europe. Europe has always been considered as the second best market for Apple after U.S but current quarter has shown a very slow turn out from European customers. Apple needs to understand that most of the people that want to buy their products belong to those countries that are not enjoying very good financial situation and that is the main reason why Google’s Android OS based devices are becoming popular day by day.

What your thoughts about this new battle between Apple and Samsung? Do you think that Samsung will find some luck this time or not?


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