25 Amazing Buildings of the World you Never Seen Before


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They say that nothing is impossible now and we think that they are right after seeing the design of these buildings. With the change of time, the design of buildings are also changing. Engineering has changed the whole meaning of structure. Who think that such kind of buildings can even be imagined but now they are standing in the 20th century. There is no more danger for unique design buildings to fall. Buildings have change their shape from straight upward to horizontal, shape like washing machine, some buildings shape are like cartoon characters, now even upside down buildings are in the world, some are like flowers while some are like books and there is also such buildings which outer side is made of glass and nothing else and when that glass shines in the sunlight it looks like a shining diamond.


25 Amazing Buildings of the World you Never Seen Before

Today we are going to show you some extra ordinary design buildings which are standing with the help of science and engineering. These buildings has been designed by the craziest and genius architecture of the world. People don’t believe that these buildings are until they don’t see them with their own eyes. This is not their fault, the design of these building won’t even let you to believe that these buildings are real but in truth, they are. Today, we will show some “Amazing Buildings of the World”.

1. The Crooked House

It is located in Sopot, Poland. Most of the people thinks that it has been photoshoped but it is a real building and it is very famous in Poland. It is the most photographed building of Poland.


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2. Ripley’s believe it or not Museum

This museum is located in Ontario, Canada near Niagara falls. The whole building has been designed horizontally.

Ripley's believe it or not Museum

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3. Kansas City Public Library

This beautiful library is located in Missouri, US. It external walls has been designed like a books. It is a very good creativity.

Kansas City Public Library

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4. The Lotus Building

It is located in Wujin, China. It is built on a water surface. It shape is inspired from lotus flower. It is one of the most beautiful man made creation.

The Lotus Building

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5. Fashion Show Mall

It is located in Las Vegas, United States. It has 50 various stores, shops, kiosks and restaurants. It has 3 floors.

Fashion Show Mall

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6. Dynamic Tower

The location of this building is none other than the future city Dubai. This is a building of 80 floors. It could be the man’s greatest creation ever.

Dynamic Tower

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7. WonderWorks Pigeon Forge

This building is located in Florida, United States. The whole building is upside down from outside and inside. It is a great master piece of science.

WonderWorks Pigeon Forge

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8. The Ufo house

This Ufo house is located in Taiwan. These houses were never built completely and abandoned. It was built in 1978.


Image Source

9.The Beijing National Stadium

The Beijing National Stadium is located in China. The design of this stadium has been inspired by the bird’s nest.

The Beijing National Stadium-"Bird Nest"

Image Source

10.The Gherkin Building

The Gherkin building is located in London, United Kingdom. It shape is like a capsule. The building has very beautiful green lights in night.


Image Source

11.Nord LB building

The building is belong to German commercial bank Norddeutsche Landesbank. This bank is famous for art collection that’s why their building is also an art.

Norddeutsche LandesbankImage Source

12.Edificio Mirador

It is a housing project located in Madrid, Spain. It has been designed with the collaboration of Dutch and Spanish architectures.

Edificio Mirador

Image Source

13.The Basket Building

You will feel like an ant in a picnic basket while sitting in this basket building. This office building is located in United States.


Image Source

14.Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall is located in Los Angeles, California. It may not be wrong if we call the world’s most beautiful Concert hall because of its unique design.


Image Source

15.Seattle Central Library

The whole external part of this building is made up of glass and it shines in sunlight. Such libraries can attract students towards it.


Image Source

16.Forest Spiral – Hundertwasser Building

It is a residential building Darmstadt, Germany. It is the most unique residential building of the world. Every window of it has a design.


Image Source

17.Dancing Building

This stunning dancing building is located in Prague, Czech republic. It is surrounded by historical architectures. From it top floor we can view Prague Castle.


Image Source

18. Fuji television building

This building is located in Tokyo, Japan. It is the headquarters of TV channel of Japan Fuji TV.


Image Source

19.The Bank of Asia

This bank of Asia building is located in Thailand which looks like a robot. It backside is also looks like a robot.


Image Source

20. Solar Furnace

This stunning creation is located in France. It is use to produce energy for Industry. It is simply AWESOME!


Image Source

21. Ryugyong Hotel

It is the tallest building located in North Korea. It is the world’s biggest hotel. It shape is like a pyramid with 105 floors.

Ryugyong Hotel

Image Source

22. Luxor hotel and Casino

Luxor hotel and casino is located in Los Vegas. It design has been inspired by the Egyptian pyramid located in the the city Luxor, Egypt.


Image Source

23. Calakmul Building

This building is located in Mexico and it shape is like a washing machine. It’s name is inspired from one of the largest Mayan cities.

Washing Machine

Image Source

24. Experience Music Project Museum

Experience Music Project Museum known as EMP is located in Washington, United States. The building has a very crazy design.


Image Source

25. BMW Welt

BMW welt is the official headquarters of BMW located in Munich, Germany. The whole building is made up of glass.

Aufnahme Datum Oktober 2007

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We hope that you’ve inspired by the design of these remarkable buildings from all around the world, you should share this with your friend and relatives so that they can enjoy the design of these remarkable buildings too.

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